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Kingdoms Palace News

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Crown VICEROY His Highness Rev.H.E. Honore Jean Dahouet of AKF-FOS Chieftaincy Affairs

African Royal Kingdoms



His Highness Viceroy Rev. H.E. Honore Jean Dahouet

The House of Sheba (AKF-FOS) headed by Her Imperial Majesty Empress Shebah III ‘Ra has the pleasure to confirm the signing of a historic unification agreement dated November 16 2016 between The House of Sheba and The United Kingdoms of Africa (UKA) represented by Prime Chancellor Rev. H.E. Honore Jean Dahouet. This end a House internal Family lines conflict that got out of hand on social media leading to global attacks against the North-African House of Sheba lines Queen, now brought to a close by the Continent Kingdoms Imperial House Sheba Throne Line, after completion of the Federation agenda worked on over decades as first priority.

In accordance to Decree signed, with immediate effect Royal House Family member His Highness Rev.H.E. Honore Jean Dahouet has been appointed by the Throne of Sheba as “Crown Viceroy for Chieftaincy Ministry Affairs within the Crown Government“, with the authority to see to the affairs and interests of the Throne of Sheba, Family House and Federations Crown Government with the Continent Chieftaincies Heads; and all Royal Prime Ministers in all districts, regions and provinces of Traditional Kingdoms internal Chieftaincies Community leadership. Moreover, his guidance will involve the Chieftaincy Federation AKF-FOS UNSDGS agenda, in support of the Continent KINGDOMS by their Ruling Mother Throne, the Throne of SHEBA, Africa.

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