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Kingdoms Palace News

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The Year 2019

The year 2019 saw the Queen of Sheba preparation for activities in start in 2000 coming into its fruition. Towards this purpose 2019 was a year of primarily internal functions, whilst the Empress and Queen took time-out from external activities to prepare for her 2020.20th Year start on the Throne of Thrones, agenda portfolios.

The Year 2019 saw the celebration for special invited guest to the Castle for the 19th Year Coronation Anniversary and Coronation of the 20th year start New Throne, Scepter and Crown of the Queen. This three days after the Queen's Birthday on September 19th.

The Year 2019 was alongside the 19th Year on the Throne Anniversary,

  • the 19th Year Anniversary of the African Kingdoms Federation;

  • the 19th Year Anniversary of CIHF formerly IHF;

  • the 10th Year Anniversary of FOS-Federation of the South;

  • the 10th Year Anniversary of the Queen Shebah III ARC of Nubia Private Global Network; the 3rd Year Anniversary as Vice-President of AACID-Arab African Council for Integration and Development;

  • the 3rd Year Anniversary with ISEA NGO with UN ECOSOC SCS Status;

  • the 3rd Year of the aforementioned as union which forms the ARC-Alliance Royal Community of the Queen as head; and

  • the 2nd Year Anniversary of the Queen as the ISEA UN Chairman of High-Level Financial Technical Committee for 510 Global Metropolitan cities, and Smart Cities Project Planning

The year 2019 saw the Queen's first introduction to Scientology, and immediate intense exploration focus study of all aspects of L.Ron Hubbard Scientology, and its Advance Technology, personally. Which saw to the successful completion of 25 plus Advanced Studies. Which includes Conflict Resolution to advance skills on the annihilation of poverty, advancement in Finance, Economics and Leadership. With the training in applied knowledge and tech in all aspect, for strategic application in the new era Civilization in advance Golden-age State of the Art Tech, and digital revolution in pull preparedness as, Throne.

On inquiries as to the Queen thoughts, the response was, ''I am in full control of my mental faculties and born into a family of three of the worlds major faith that gave me the unshakable confidence and ability to explore, to seek knowledge, not that merely spoken but it must show fruits, and 100% in repetition. It validates the truth, and makes bare that what is not so you see yourself the difference in all aspects and facets of life and relationship with all around us. Exploring the knowledge base in Scientology was the best decision I have ever made, for Me''. Asked the burning question on what about all opinion on such was responded with a retort of 'uneducated nonsense'. (Unquote)

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Greetings to Her HIM majesty Nubia Queen of Sheba the third, and I just want to say Congratulations on her PhD achievement.

Me gusta

This was the defining moment in my 70+ years on the planet; participating in the Coronary Celebration of Her Imperial Majesty Empress Queen Shebah Kasambu 'Ra III, the Queen of the South. What an honor! I have been a servant of the Imperial Throne since 2012 and will continue as long as HIM desires.

Me gusta
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