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Membership Application Process 

AKF Membership COUNCILS Application Process 

The Queendom of Sheba Crown Government ARK-Africa Royal Kingdoms internal Crown Ministry of Queendom AKF (African Kingdoms Federation) Socio-Economic Affairs, has been actively extending our invitation to all of the African Continent Kingdoms and African Kingdoms Organizations to register with the AKF. This is in keeping with our strict policy of facilitation and support to access the resources, projects and programs that are made available to the Continents Kingdoms through our Crown Parliament, to AKF Ministers and MPs for the Kingdoms on a National Level and recognized Kingdoms on a local level, through our international ARC-Alliances Royal Community, our Queendom Crown Institutions, and our African Royal Kingdoms-ARK Crown Ambassadors of the AKF Kingdoms Affairs Ministry.


Who May Apply


Registration and Crown Parliamentary seats are open strictly and respectively therefore to African Governments, African Kingdoms and/or African Chieftaincy Ministries, African Royal Kingdoms established and recognized at the national level, African Kingdoms Organizations, and/or legal representation of said organizations. Special requests can be made by ancient Kingdoms and Houses no longer recognized formally but are recognized historically within African History, for Special Royal Observers Status. This allows having support for localized humanitarian-based development. As Policy the AKF and Queendom do not become involved in local or national political affairs, however, the Queendom which heads the AKF does support seated Governments' leadership and National Development agenda.


Application Screening Panel

Applications are seen by a Screening Panel of the Queen of Sheba directly, which is formed by 7 representing officials and when in full Assembly 22 Crown Ministers, Chancellors, and Governors of Crown Institutions:

The Key 7 are:



Application Step 1. Due Diligence


From February 2021 to 2022 our representatives have been visiting Kingdoms for registrations within the set Timeframe. That Registration timeframe was closed on 8th February 2022 align with the start of the Crown Government 2022 launch of Project VII Phoenix one day later. On 9th February 2022 we started the preparation process of our onsite digital registration, to accelerate the registration process.  Application will close on 25th May 2022.  Applications for 2023 must be sent in from 1st - May 25th. 


The applications due diligence pre-confirmation process will take between 48 Hours and 7days barring no complications for National Governments and National registered Kingdoms due diligence process. And can vary from 48 Hours to at least 10 Days or more for a Provincial or rural region applications, and at 90 days for unregistered Kingdoms. The variations in time are due to the average process timeframe of responses from the applicants countries to the confirmation mandatory due diligence process to collect all the needed information for the actually membership application confirmation process. The Membership Application processing therefore follows the Application due diligence and verification process of the applicant representation identity.