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House Of Sheba - KASAMBU 'RA Royal Family NORTH-AFRICAN House lines - Arab-African Family Community Arab-Africa Community Primary House lines (South-American . North-Africa/Egypt-Sudan-Libya . Middle-East . Asia / Afroasiatic  Bloodlines) Albums Slides Of Ruling Lines Nubia-Egypt House Family and Community - AACID

The House Of Sheba Arabia Lines


The Royal Family bloodlines fall within North-Africa/ Middle-East. They are an integral part of the Middle-East and Asia Regional Community Southern Arabia Family Bloodlines of House and Throne Family lines of MENA. The lines North-Africa and Yemen lines and further into the Middle-east fall within the Arab League regions and family bloodlines, therefore, fall under Arab-African bloodlines as well as the Throne House itself. The North-African lines are the ruling House of Sheba Lines the descendent Nations formed migrated lines into West-Africa and further that falls within the Arab League regions and family bloodlines, therefore, fall under Arab and African bloodlines Kingdoms Family throughout Africa and outside. Shebah III is the Vice-President of the Arab League community AACID the-Arab African Council For Integration and Development for the African Continent development Affairs on the Supreme Council, Headquartered in Egypt in Middle-East, Africa.  Shebah III name is without an added 'h'. It is Sheba. The 'h' was added to present Shebah to differentiate the person of Sheba and the Sheba Throne Nation since both Throne and Throne-head name is the same. Shebah III alongside ancestral lines naming was born on the day traditionally as well referred to as Sheba/Seba/Yaba Thursday 19.09.1963. There both form are at times used and allowed as both are correct. 

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