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Her Majesty is now Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and a newly Inaugurated Professor!

The Queen of Sheba H.I.M Empress Shebah Debra Amelia SAI Kasambu’Ra – Queen Shebah III is now a Professor, and Doctor (PhD) after the June 23, 2020 Ceremony for Conferment of Doctoral Degrees and inauguration of New Professors! The amazing ceremony though much smaller than originally planned was in the presence of Royal dignitaries, members of Government and the Council of Churches South Africa International President and Executive board. Alongside Universities representatives and attending College of Professors led by His Eminence Archbishop Prof.Mbulelo M. Mvubu Chancellor of the International Institute of Higher Learning.

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The Head of the Worlds South Kingdoms Federation the African Kingdoms Federation, the Nubia-Egypt Royal Kingdoms Empress of the African Continent Royal Kingdoms SHEBA the Mother Throne of Thrones, of the Nubia-Sheba Royal Kingdoms the Queen of Sheba, Ceremony of Conferment as Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership and Governance and Inauguration as a New Professor of Leadership and Governance, was held on Tuesday 23, 2020, in South-Africa.

Her Imperial Majesty was among the 15 in the high-profile ceremony that was planned in March, and due to the global lockdown was postponed to Tuesday June 23. There was fifteen (15) conferment of new Doctors of Philosophy and three (3) inauguration as New Professors. Her Majesty was among two with double accreditation with a Conferment as Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Governance and Leadership, and, inauguration as Professor in Governance and Leadership.

Her Majesty at Ceremony of Conferment as Doctor of Philosophy PhD)

The ceremony with multiple represented Universities was led by the Dean of Faculty of TIBU. Her Imperial Majesty was conferred with Certificate No. 3014-04/2020 Accreditation internationally by DDAA Reg. No.SA&1QA 0408/1012-66, CCLP/SA 00426/10-N Board of Quality Standards (BQS) Reg. No.CAB30121US. Affiliation: New World Mission Dunamis International University (NSMDIU), Emmanuel Christian Center International (ECCI), Emmanuel Christian University International (ECUI), Accredited of Ballsbridge University (BU), Interdenominational College of Theology, Sakhisizwe School of Theology, COCSAI learning Centre and Worldwide Education Charter meeting the Standards for Accreditation and complying with its internationally accepted policies. Emmanuel Christian Centre International is a member Grace International (GI) of which operates in 90 countries as a non-denominational Christian Institutions. Grace International (GI) is also a partner of The King University (TKU) accredited by the US and Canadian Governments. This means that TIBU are also a members of the GI Community and all affiliations, partnerships and accreditations of ECCI and ECUI.

Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. A theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behavior. Perfectly reflected as the fundamental basis in the philosophical concept of the Throne Royal PVIIP thesis and as Professor after 15 years of extensive and intensive studies, and teachings towards her PVIIP concept, application. Integrating Africa’s Egypt-Nubia and MENA magnificent ancestral cultural philosophy as the compass for PVIIP-Project VII Phoenix formulation for the simultaneous development of Africa’s 55 nation. With accentuation on the integration of the Political, Social & Economic Community with the African Royal Kingdoms and Global Community as unified efforts. And with respect to each cultural and social identity in respective roles. With the goal of empowerment of the African Continent Nations and People, and with aim the formula duplication as progressive development address format.

Her Imperial Majesty on day two after Inauguration as Professor with His Eminence the Archbishop Prof. Mvubu and Professor de Bruin

The year 2013 saw the start of the PVIIP agenda as an integral part of the ARC Royal Academy and creation of the concept idea on its present digital private network platform ARC. In 2017 saw the entrance the Arab-African Council for Integration and Development avid supporters of the MENA descendent lines Royal. In 2020 that was expanded with the entrance of the World Peace Committee, the AIDO-Ateker International Development Organization, COCSAI-Council of Churches South-Africa International and towards the 2020 implementation start of the PVIIP agenda.

With the world on pandemic lockdown the ARC is more critical than ever and now in full operation as online global platform with facilities for each nation to work in unity as global community. And its Academic internal Facilities to further expand and see the implementation of Leadership Governance economic empowerment system, of the now Professor Doctor Throne Royal PVIIP agenda. In development start concept in 2000 and formulation start 2005 to this 2020 high recognition, as Africa’s most progressive Leadership and Governance system. A remarkable system with integration of ancient principles of the continents Nubia-Sheba Egypt lines ancestry with that of today’s advancement.

Her Imperial Majesty is still active in ongoing AOSH advance studies, and holds over 40 advance study courses Diploma’s and growing. Which includes in fields Advance Technology in Leadership principles, Conflict Resolutions, Principles on Financial Advancement, Organizations structuring, Ethics and Survival, Goals and Purposes, Disaster Management/VM, Survival and Prosperity, alongside W.I.S.E advance Technology Economic system principles for success.

Alongside throne function as Imperial Matriarch Throne the Empress of Sheba descendent Nubia-Sheba Royal Kingdoms and South Kingdoms Federation Union seats as the Imperial Head of the African Kingdoms Federation, Her Imperial Majesty holds over 10 international portfolio’s amongst which are intergovernmental and diplomatic mission. These include Chairman Of The Board House-Of-Sheba Investments S.A Alliance Consortium, Vice-President Arab-African Council for Integration and Development, Deputy-President World Peace Committee, Deputy Minister World Organization Of States Intergovernmental Parliament, Patron AIDO, Int. Hon. President Council Of Churches South-Africa International, Chairman CIHF NGOMG, HLFTC Chairman ISEA Foundation with UNECOSOC SCS Status, Vice-President of the Arab-African Supreme Authority Of Wise Men (comprises of present & past Heads of States, and Ministers of Government and focuses on conflict resolution and economic development), Chairman of ARC-Alliance Royal Community. Her Imperial Majesty is also the recipient of multiple Awards and Recognitions from international Governments, Royal Kingdoms and CSO, which includes from the USA, Africa and the Middle-East.

H.I.M Empress Shebah 'Ra - Queen Shebah III The Queen Of Sheba prior to Conferment as Doctor of Philosophy

When addressed with these additional high academic ranking titles with formal throne title as; Her Imperial Majesty The Empress Prof. Shebah III PhD- Queen Shebah III by the attendees, Royal Court and home Community, Her Majesty with a chuckle declared 'that is so not happening''!!! Thus, all will remain unchanged on the Throne title. Throne address title will be minus Academic titles, and, when using the Academic titles the full throne title will not be used.

All of CIO-Crown Imperial Office do say a our sincere congratulations to our Empress, and Queen! Congratulations Your Imperial Majesty!

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Congratulations TO H.I.M. Empress Emelia Deborah Kasambu Ra Queen 👑 Of Sheba The 111'rd Mother of Thrones. Well wishes, ever bless.

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Congratulations to the Queen of Sheba H.I.M Empress Shebah Debra Amelia SAI Kasambu'Ra - Queen Shebah III. High Affinity.

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Vives Félicitations SA MAJESTE IMPERIALE L'IMPERATRICE SHEEBA3, La REINE des Reines ! Toute l'Africaine vous est Reconnaissante. PROUD TO YOU❤️

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Toni Runnels
Toni Runnels
03 ago 2022

Greetings Her Imperial Majesty, Queen of Queens, Throne of Thrones, Mother of All Thrones! Congratulations !!! This is Awesome!!!

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I am in high affinity with your communication Shabanidid. Well stated!

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You are welcome Charlene

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