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Nubian Ga Dangme
Ruling Asere Kpakpatsewe House 


Nubian Kingdom Asere Kpakpatsewe Ruling Quartey Family House of the Kheperkheperure

The Nubian Ruling West-Africa migrated East-Africa Ancestral Matriarchal Nubia-Sheba House Throne Nubian Kingdoms Ga Nations Matriarchal Throne lines Family Quartey Ruling Asere KPAKPAKTSEWE Family of Kheperkheperure Matriarchal Asasi Throne Line Nation Warrior Kingdoms lines of Nubia Egypt, the protectors of the Throne.


The Ruling Family House of the Queen of North East-Africa Nubian Kingdom Nation & West-Africa Nubia-Sheba Nation lines lines Royal Kingdoms Family House of the Nubian Queen HRM Yoomo Guatele Quartey 1 - Queen Shebah III The Queen of Sheba. 

Shebah III
Shebah III
Shebah III
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