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Queen of the Sheba Imperial African Kingdoms Descendant Nations



Trinidadian born North-African Royal, Her Imperial Majesty Empress Shebah ‘Ra – Queen Shebah lll was born in 1963 in Diego Martin, Trinidad, the 4th generation of migrated Nubian-Kushites of Nubia-Sheba Sudan, North-African Royals Ancestry. Queen Shebah III, as all of the family, lived a normal unassuming life in Trinidad and Tobago, and attended the Diego Martin Girls Roman Catholic School, and later Providence Girls Convent in Belmont, Trinidad.


Shebah III was born on September 19th 1963 to Asere - Kasambu 'Ra lines descendants, H.R.M Prince Michael I and H.R.M Queen Meryre/Mary 'Ra VII, the daughter of the late Nubian Imperial Matriarch Iris Meryre II, in Trinidad and Tobago, holding in accordance to Imperial Kingdoms tradition at birth as future Matriarch, the title of Imperial Queen, Shebah lll. Shebah III is the Sovereign Imperial Empress of the African Nubian Nations’ Imperial Empire Kingdom of Sheba. The Sheba Imperial Empire Kingdoms is the Matriarchal Empire of Nubian Royal Kingdoms Nation throughout East, West, North, Southern and Central Africa Sheba/Nubia descendant Nations Lines of Africa`s over 350 Major Empire Kingdom Nations and several thousand Royal Kingdom and Chiefdoms Nations on the African Continent.


H.I.M. Empress Shebah `Ra – Queen Shebah III is the firstborn Grand-daughter of the late Imperial Empire Matriarch Iris Meryre II and a great-descendant Grand-daughter of the Royal Throne lines of King Abdul Shibah III. Shebah III is of the Northern Shibah Lines House of 'Ra - Asere Kasambu'Ra , 2nd Millennium 7th Dynasty Kingdoms Lineage of the Empire Kingdom Lines Nations of Sheba Imperial Empire of the descendant Empires and Royal Kingdoms Nations of Africa, of the House of Ra, Matriarchal Throne Line. The House of Ra is not an Islamic line, though the Empire Kingdom has both Islamic and non-Islamic Kingdom Nations under the Matriarchal Throne. It is from origin the Christian and traditional spiritual practices and beliefs lines. The Imperial Empire lines were a separate family line/branch of the Thrones’ Islamic Royal lines of the Kingdom of Nubia descendants of present-day Nubia. The lines separated several centuries ago. ( Nalis BIOGRAPHIES S-Z )

Empress Shebah 'Ra - III Queen Of Sheba

SHEBAH III was born in Sierre Leone Diego Martin, Trinidad of its Northern Range St.Anns, Maraval and Paramin Family lines.


Trinidad and Tobago (i/ˈtrɪnᵻˌdæd ən təˈbeɪɡoʊ//-toʊˈ-/),[9] officially the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, is a twin island country situated off the northern edge of the South American mainland, lying just 11 kilometres (6.8 miles) off the coast of northeastern Venezuela and 130 kilometres (81 miles) south of Grenada. Bordering the Caribbean to the north, it shares maritime boundaries with other nations including Barbados to the northeast, Grenada to the northwest, Guyana to the southeast, and Venezuela to the south and west.[10][11]


The island of Trinidad was a Spanish colony from the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1498 to the capitulation of the Spanish Governor, Don José María Chacón, on the arrival of a British fleet of 18 warships on 18 February 1797.[12] During the same period, the island of Tobago changed hands among SpanishBritishFrenchDutch and Courlander colonizers, more times than any other island in the Caribbean. Trinidad and Tobago (remaining separate until 1889) were ceded to Britain in 1802 under the Treaty of Amiens.[13] The country Trinidad and Tobago obtained independence in 1962, becoming a republic in 1976.


Trinidad and Tobago is the third richest country by GDP (PPP) per capita in the Americas after the United States and Canada. Furthermore, it is recognised as a high-income economy by the World Bank. Unlike most of the English-speaking Caribbean, the country's economy is primarily industrial,[14] with an emphasis on petroleum and petrochemicals. The country's wealth is attributed to its large reserves and exploitation of oil and natural gas.[15][16]  



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