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Nubian Nation King

HRM Adam Sheik Thabit Kasambu 'Ra II


The Nubian King


I, HRM King Adam II am of the third generation of the ruling Kasambu 'Ra House, KASAMBULA  lines of BOMBO Nubian lineage, in the bloodlines of Abdallah Abdullah Suru of Kasambu 'Ra lines, changed from the lineage North lines Kasambu 'Ra to its 'La' of that East region tongue that uses 'L'.  Which is the related family branch lines of the La Anahor Ga West-Africa Lines.


The name KASAMBU 'RA which the Old Egyptian mythology stated was God of Light, by the Arabs of the time who rivaled the Nubians attributed the name to Kasamb'Lah (in Arabic, the mouth of God), alongside its traditional meaning of the Family House.


Abdallah Abdullah Surur, as a child protected by his people, had come earlier with the contingent of Nubians who fled from the last Nubian Kingdom, following the River Nile and migrating southwards through Sudan to Uganda and Congo and other lands, forming new communities and integrating with different tribes. Abdallah Abdullah Surur entered Uganda at Masindi, a place where the river Nile interjects the local Lake Albert in Uganda, which is shared by Uganda and Congo.


Masindi Port was then the center that most that came from the South of Egypt, including missionaries and colonials powers, passed through to continue their journeys and missions in countries found West and South of Uganda. Masindi was a territory of the mighty Bunyoro Kingdom which had the patronage and protection of the young Abdallah Abdullah Surur who later, under that protection, produced two boys, Labwon and Abdallah KasambuRa.


Abdallah Kasambu 'Ra, a Nubian Prince raised in the Bunyoro Masindi Kingdom, because of his now respected backgrounds both within the Nubians that had migrated into Masindi and the fraternity of the Bunyoro Masindi Kingdom, became a choice for the colonials who were recruiting soldiers from within the Nubian migrants at Masindi. Most of these soldiers played important roles in building armies of the pre-independence African Countries. Abdallah KasambuRa, now the Nubian/Munyoro Prince, played a big role assisting the colonials to recruit from both the Nubians and the Bunyoro. This force later, on arrival of the colonial soldiers to Buganda, helped the Buganda Kingdom to defeat and win the war of territory against the Bunyoro Kingdom which was a rival and arch enemy of the Buganda Kingdom...


In appreciation of that, the King of Buganda gave the Land today known as Bombo to Abdallah Kasambu 'Ra and the Nubian soldiers. The Bunyoro and Nubians, now citing Abdallah Kasambu 'Ra as their King away from their homeland, persuaded Abdallah Kasambu 'Ra into a traditional marriage with Minara, the Bunyoro Goddess who had followed the soldiers from Masindi as the spiritual Goddess, providing them with spiritual protection. Goddess Minara, as she was popularly known even among the community of Bombo, had her own Temple where she carried on with the traditional spiritual processions helping her community solve many of their problems. Some of these traditional practices were protested by my father, after assuming and submitting to the religion of Islam.


Abdallah Kasambu 'Ra produced two boys, Talib and my father Sheikh Thabit Kasambu 'Ra, who because of the religious path never took up to stand in the lines to be coronated in the tradition of the old Kings. By the time of the death of my father, I was crowned the Prince.


Being affiliated with the political environment of Uganda, having taken part in the revolution and knowing the President of Uganda, I subscribed and commended the Government of Uganda for having opened up to all tribal Chiefdoms and Kingdoms and other traditional or cultural institutions to play roles in developing their communities.


KasambuRa, my regime or generation, reflects and spreads across local and international borders. My mother, Sheikhat Asia Jannat Nabayego (RIP), was a daughter from the Chieftaincy of the Buganda Kingdom. My Throne Queen, Shebah III, the Nubian Nation Imperial Matriarch and Queen of Thrones and Family lines Houses East/West-Caribbean lines, the head of our NKN dual Federation, is of our lines on the twin Islands of Trinidad & Tobago. 


I look forward to the visit with our Royal Family to extended Family of the Caribbean, the Birth place of our Thrones Mother, my Queen. I am an adult of age, a parent, an Engineer and the King of the Nubian East African Nation. My name is Kasambu 'Ra Adam Sheikh Thabit II - King Adam II.

The Nubian Queen Click here





Nubian Throne Royals



His Majesty Sheikh Adam Thabit Sebbi Kasambu 'Ra - King Adam 'Ra II has been a member of the Uganda Government Ruling National Resistance Movement for the last 30 years, that being his primary portfolio. Alongside Uganda internal interests, His Majesty formally addresses matters of Uganda National Governmental, Africa Internal, and National foreign Governmental interest as Chairman of the Uganda NRM Ruling Party’s European Nordic Region. His responsibilities and duties are to see to the interests of the Government in the region on issues of inter-Government developments and associations with the European Political Parties of the Nordic Countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.


As per Kingdoms protocol, the responsibilities and affairs of the Throne is that of the Nubian Queen who is the Imperial Matriarch of the collective lines of the East-West Matriarchal Houses and Queen of the Patriarchal Throne Lines together with HRM the King Adam II Family Houses.


Her Majesty, the House Caribbean lines Asere Quartey Kasambu 'Ra East-West Nubian Trinbagonian lines Throne Royal, addresses the Affairs of the Continents and the outside Nubian Kingdoms lines.


Additionally,  as Head of Royal Government and NKN dual Federation AKF-FOS of Kingdoms alongside West-African Queen Thrones and Family Houses and International Affairs,  including Her Majesty’s respective Royal Thrones within West-Africa Lines of Pinango And Abron Kingdoms as Queen,  and Representative as Queen on the Supreme Council of Thrones of dual Kingdoms of its respective Kingdoms and Chiefdoms, on the Federation agenda as dual federations, Her Majesty  is Throne Head, with primary Imperial Matriarchal Throne responsibilities of the lines collective kingdoms and tribes. 


This with the Ruling House in West-Africa external are for the collective, and has primary responsibility as Mother Throne for the root and all of its branches. The Empress functions as Head of the Imperial Matriarchal Nubia-Sheba Mother Asasi Ancestral Throne ruling Nubian Kingdoms Kas Ambu Ra Asasi House. The Sovereign Imperial Matriarchal Asere House of Kpakpatsewe Kheperkheperure Ruling Quartey Family Royal Houses and Nubian Thrones of the Supreme Council Of Thrones and Royal Houses.


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