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House Of Sheba

The Nubian Nation SHEBA Throne is the Root Ancestral Mother Throne of the Kingdoms of Nations of Africa. The Throne included the Arabian Peninsula Sheba and African Continent Seba/Sheba Kingdoms as Mother Queendom led by the Queens of Sheba the ancestral Mother Throne of the African Continent Kingdoms, as South Mother Throne.

Throne Of Sheba Federation Union Of The South Family lines of The House of Sheba


The KASAMBU'RA Royal Family House Trinidad & Tobago 1600s - 2018 OAS / CELAC Primary House lines / MENA Community Bloodlines -. House Of Sheba -/- Europe, The Americas, Middle-East, North-Africa/Africa, Asia -/- Family Community Arab-African Union / AKF - Federation Of The South-FOS AACID Albums Slides Of Ruling 'Europe, The Americas, Middle East - North Africa, Africa - "ETAMENAA' Arab-African Lines House Family Of The Queen Of Sheba - Queen Shebah III.

From Kush/Cush Nubia SEBA/SHEBA MENA to The GOLD COAST 

and into The AMERICAS


The Nubian lines Nubia Egypt Kingdoms nations and tribes during the walk of history migrated downwards into present day sub Saharan Africa, into Central Africa and down to the South as Tribal communities expanded and nations and Kingdoms formed over time. 


The North Africa Kingdoms and East African Kingdoms had as well migration into West Africa and all the way to the Gold Coast, forming the Gold Coast Kingdoms. Here attached is an over 350 pages PDF Document on the migrated from MENA and Nubia Egypt respective Gold-coast Kingdoms history, as written in the 1600S by a member of the House of Sheba Egypt Nubia migrated lines through Ethiopia. The ASERE KPAKPATSEWE ruling Quartey Royal Family ....  More see - history file:

For millions in the Diaspora today the Gold Coast of West Africa was the final stop of their ancestors before being taken from Africa. And their Kingdoms made oppressed and suppressed under the colonial yoke. Which was followed by independence and new forms of governance system, often with integration that of the colonial governance form on a democratic platform and its yet today far reaching influence and control. 


The Kingdoms as oldest institutions could still wield influence much so were systematically made redundant in the new political system of the exiting colonial powers.  They were there but no longer the key in terms of leadership of the Kingdoms people as prior.  In 2000 in line with the start of formation of the African Union as expansion of the OAU, the AKF was created to fill in that void of the Kingdoms as Empire union of Kingdoms on the African, and global stage. With aim to chart the course of our collective destiny, and still today. With finance generation towards development projects, positive social building, governance and economic growth at all levels... more.

The AKF journey from 2000 to present was not without attacks primarily in social media and online articles of no further relevance than failed defamation attempts, alongside trials and tribulation of relevance that affected, and slowed, but did not stop progress.  Of far more importance was the hard work and efforts that led to global respect and international alliance, achievements and milestones of AKF led by the Queen of Sheba as Kingdoms Central Governmental Body for Nubia-Sheba KINGDOMS. Culminating in the present cosmopolitan Queendom Crown Government of the AKF and our Sovereign Institutions,  in reflection of Mother Africa as The Cradle of ALL NATIONS.


A magnificent journey of the AKF, one with inclusion at its very root our Nubia Sheba Diaspora of the Nubia Sheba Egypt and MENA bloodline taken out through the Gold Coast. Tribes and nations from Kush Nubia and Egypt into East, West and Central Africa to the Gold Coast of Africa and into the AMERICAS and Europe. And so duly recognized in the process start in 2000 by the Queen of Sheba upon coronation.  Followed by recognition protocol start in Summit Tripoli 2007. Ratified and formalized in 2013 with events in Jamaica, 2014 USA, 2019 South Africa and finally in September 2020 ROYAL Zoom Summit in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of The Queen of Sheba, Empress of the Nubia Sheba Nation.....more.

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