The 7th Throne Imperial Council Of Thrones


The 7th Throne Imperial Crown High-Council of Sheba High-Council Members responsibility of seat is for the Middle-East / Africa Kingdoms & Nations Affairs. They are the Queen of Sheba High-Council representative to deal with all of the KINGDOMS in the Middle-East / and Africa working on the implementation of the Alliance-Union agenda. This, in unity with the Sovereign Imperial House of Sheba Imperial Throne of the Queen of Sheba, the Imperial Matriarch in a unity of purpose.


The 7th Throne is responsible for the Federation inter-Kingdoms affairs within MENA/Africa-Eurasia, and the support of the Implementation of the Imperial Matriarch Throne function responsibility of the 510 Metropolitan Cities on Earth PVIIP Humanitarian support participation of the Africa Continent Kingdoms Nations, with focus, start Africa/ MENA of the Throne Lines of Nubia/Sheba migrated root:


  • The 7th Throne is responsible AS Kingdoms of Africa on ANY and all matters with Kingdoms Middle-East and Arab-African Nations Governments approved by the Throne and Imperial Councils,

  • and the Imperial throne support in function of responsibility of the IHF NGO 510 Metropolitan Cities on Earth as UNIFIED House of Thrones

  • The 7th Throne is responsible to address the correct application of the Throne responsibility and integration of the Mobi,

  • And appointments of our representatives as Imperial Throne lines Kingdoms and Council of the needed 50 Civic Prime Ministers from among our Royal Sons and Daughters, from within and outside of the Continent of Africa.

  • And EXPANSION of the Council Seated Throne Heads from throughout our Lines Kingdoms and Nations as UNITY, towards ERADICATION Of Poverty from the Human Vocabulary, with Global Development instead in its seat, and Royal Governance in its Stead

  • The 7th Throne is responsible to see to the correct care of the 510 Cities in reference of responsibility and in accordance to the MOA with the Kingdoms Throne of Sheba for the Mobi Currency as that of Kingdoms Currency

  • and correct application of the Mobidollar/Mobicoin the FEDERATION Throne of Sheba and Member Kingdoms OFFICIAL CURRENCY

  • in accordance with the Guidance, Laws, Decrees, Edicts, Utterances and Constitution of the Nubia – Sheba African Kingdoms Federation,

  • Under responsibility implementation of our IHF NGO representative as Imperial House Family Thrones, our Crown Imperial House Foundation led by its President, and 7th Throne Council as Body.


The 7th Throne Imperial Crown High-Council of Sheba, in addition, is responsible as Throne of Sheba Advisory on all matters of African Continent Kingdom Nations interest and in the seat at the side of the African Kingdoms Federation THRONE of SHEBA, as Judiciary.


As High-Council Member, it means the responsibility to lead well with the Chairman on behalf of and WITH the Sovereign Imperial Head of Councils the Queen Of Sheba: all matters of High-Council interest with the Royals and Member Nations. This, as direct REPRESENTATIVE of the High-Council THRONE as its Voice, and loyalty to the correctness of intentions and integrity at the heart of the purpose for Humanity, of the Imperial Matriarchal Throne of Sheba.

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