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The Throne Of Sheba


Federation Of The South Royals 2000-2018 Est. Nubia - Sheba African Kingdoms Federation-AKF - Ancestral Royal Community (ARC) 2002/2018 Established NGO

Crown Imperial House Foundation-CIHF Non-Governmental Organization Major Group



H.I.M Empress Shebah Kasambu 'Ra- Queen Shebah III The Queen of Sheba

CIHF HEAD-of-Organization


The Crown Imperial House Foundation - NGO Major Group (NGOMG) is of the AKF-African Kingdoms Federation and led by Imperial Head Queen Shebah III The Queen Of Sheba. The CIHF aim is a united world with the total elimination of global hunger, with focus on Africa. The only Continent with the potential to supply the World's food needs and its own. Towards  this purpose a strategic agenda is being addressed, alongside a financial stimulus rollout, for every Africa and the ECO-6 Region 18 years and over, which started in October 2020, and will end in October 2023.


Towards this agenda orientation, realization and information there are weekly Royal summits which was started in October 2020 and ongoing each Monday, until October 2023.

The CIHF 2020 - 2040 agenda aim, is seeing to the realization on the SDGS agenda and special Smart cities in each African Nation established. With central purpose on self-sustainment, Life-Skills training, advance farming technology, Food Management, Production and Storage. Which includes soil, seeds and research on alternative food-growing and productions systems by each city. Water harvesting and facilitation and alternative housing, in line with climate change and, the preservation of the Earths Environment and wild-life. Working in collaboration with organizations active in these sectors, as investor and construction and realization facilitator financed by the Foundation Principle the African Kingdoms Federation African Union 6th Economic Community, and its Queendom Throne ARC Alliance Partnership from within Africa, the Middle-East, the Americas, Europe and Asia Private Sector and intergovernmental organizations.

More about us, our alliances and our Weekly Royal Kingdoms Summit > Click Here

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