The WPC 2020 Summit was a great success! .... VIP Guest Included:

The President-World Peace Committee
WPC World President HE Prof.Dr. Djuyoto Suntani of The World Peace Committee (WPC) 202 Countries
Dep.-President World Peace Committee
Queen Shebah 111 The Queen of Sheba.

Chairman - High-Level-Financial-Technical-Committee ISEA Foundation with United Nations ECOSOC 'SCS'

The Vice-President World Peace Committee (WPC) 202 Countries for The African Union

Vice-President AACID-Arab African Council for Integration and Development

Deputy-Minister of African Protocol IPSP -WOS
Intergovernmental international Parliament for Safety and Peace

The Arab-African Nubia-SHEBA Throne Head-of the Federation of South Kingdoms- AKF-FOS
Amb.Intl.Parliament Safety & Peace

Ambassador at large
Special Envoy for Minister of foreign affairs in Cyprus for IPSP - WOS
HE Senator Chantal Fanny
HE The Senator of Folon, RCI among other major portfolios
Fm. NATO Interparlimentary Council/
H.E Senator Domenico Scilipoti Member of Government Italy

Fm. NATO Interparlimentary Council/ Senator di Forza Italy

President of the Christian Union, Italy
HE Emad Tariq El-Janabi

Arab League Ambassador The President AACID-Arab African Council for Integration and Development

Minister of African International Affairs IPSP -WOS
Intergovernmental international Parliament for Safety and Peace
Intl.Parliament for Safety & Peace
H.E Dr Fahed Merehbi

Vice President for International Relations Affairs-AACID
Minister of Foreign Affairs IPSP -WOS
Intergovernmental international Parliament for Safety and Peace
Minister at large of Papua New Guinea for Economic issue
Special Envoy for minister foreign affairs of and senior adviser
CEO House of Sheba Investments
Chancellor of the Royal House of Sheba His Excellency Andreas Young, CEO of House of Sheba Investment
Chr.ISEA - UN ECOSOC SCS Foundation
HH Prince Henry Sejong KoenHo KIM Chairman of the ISEA Foundation with UN ECOSOC SCS-Special Consultative Status
Fm Presidential Special Advisor
CEO Mweti Bila.
Former Special Advisor to President Mbeki of South-Africa,
HRM King Affram of Gyaman Kingdom
His Royal Majesty Odeneho Affram Brempong III, PhD, FCILG (Known in Private as Kusi Boachie Yiadom, PhD, FCILG),
CEO Tugui Holdings
HRH Princess Tiguidanke one of the most successful and well known business women and Intergovernmental internationally.
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Facilitation Host / Cost  

Our Host will cover as cost:

  • This event is of the (WPC) World Peace Committee 202 Countries for the African Union as (WPC) Diplomatic Mission, and will be hosted in the Castle Kyalami Auditorium.

  • Entrance is free of charge. However you need to show your invitation to enter the Castle, entrance will otherwise not be allowed. 

  • All meals will be provided at no cost during the Summit three days. (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

  • In addition we will be having one High Summit participation 2 hours course each day with Certification, plus several high level Seminars / Side-Events with Certification at a small cost which covers the materials, and your Certificate

  • These Seminars includes on:

    • 'Leadership',

    • 'Problems at Work',

    • 'Personal Efficiency' 

    • 'Conflict Resolution Third Party Law',

    • 'Citizens Commission for Human Rights',

    • 'Organizing for Success' 

    • and more with Certification of participation at close.


   Seminars / Side-Events Courses are Optional and cost is:

    • The cost to participants is for the Side-Events Seminar materials which varies between 20 USD - 52 USD for the entire course books, further material and includes your participation certification, and Official Summit 2020 Delegates Photo


  • Closing High Exclusive Gala Concert with Celebrity Artist

Accommodations (* Limited)/

We do not cover this cost, or Airfares

(*Castle accommodation hosting is covered for a handful which includes the First Ladies  attending alone, as Special Guest at the Castle with the Queen of Sheba, and Heads of State, that confirms attendance before 01 February 2020, pending still availability of suites at that time).


The greater majority of Heads and VVIP, VIP, Groups and Individual guest we have secured from 5 Star to low-cost Hotel with Accommodation and transport from our alliance partners at discounted prices for large groups, for individuals bookings are approximately 20 - 100 USD approximately on average according to exchange rate. 100 USD is approximately  plus/minus R1400 (Rands). 

Full protocol will further be in place for all of our Governmental, Diplomatic Corps, VIP Guest and Special Invitees of approximately 1,000 expected, at the Castle.


For Hotels information do contact see here below at end of page your options or contact us at admin@houseofsheba.co.za



Dress Code

  • Summit Strictly Formal 

  • Closing Night Gala Wear (Suits /Black Ties / Evening Gowns / Formal National Cultural of Delegates Country of Thrones.

The WORLD PEACE SUMMIT 2020 in South-Africa a collaboration of the Queen Shebah III - The Queen Of Sheba ARC Alliance for World Peace: 


The World Peace Committee 202 Countries, The World Organisation of States Intergovernmental Parliament for Safety & Peace, The AACID Arab-African Nations Council for Integration and Development, ISEA UN ECOSOC SCS NGO, The IPG-International Peace Guards Diplomatic Corps, AKF-African Kingdoms Federation, FOS-Federation of South Kingdoms, CCHR-Citizen Commission for Human Rights, Youth For Human Rights, United for Human Rights, African Diaspora Hope Foundation, Volunteer Ministers, Participating Governments and Intergovernmental Global Organizations and more.

HOTELS / B&B If You wish to arrange your own booking, here are the options in our locality