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Arab-African Nations African Kingdoms Federation-AACID Regional Union.

News Middle-East, Egypt.


Queen Sheba Debra III the Queen of Sheba sign the partnership between the African Arab Council for Integration and Development and the Federation of African Kingdoms.

The media adviser of the Arab Council of the African integration and development Furat Al - Bassam confirmed a strategic partnership. He said the move is the first of its kind for the African Arab Council integration and development and strategic cooperation on economic, social and cultural levels between the Arab Countries represented by the continent Ambassador Imad Tariq al - Janabi, Chairman of the Board of the Council of the Arab African integration, development and the Vice-President of the Board Her Majesty Queen Shebah Kasambu 'Ra III the Queen Of Sheba.

The North-African Sheba House lines Royal Shebah III is The Imperial Throne Head of African Kingdoms Federations from start of 2000 to present.

Several meetings were held during which the understandings developed for a long term agreement covering all that concerns interests of the peoples of the two Continents Middle-East and Africa.

Arab African Supreme Council Chairman His Excellency Janabi stressed that the agreements include the development on how to exchange investments through official channels. Her Majesty Queen Shebah III confirmed to be happy to join the Council and will strive to work with the Council in order to complete what was agreed upon in the interest of the peoples of the two continents in all fields.

Moreover parties announced that "the Fourth Arab African Investment Conference for businessmen and businesswomen will be launched. It is expected to take place in Cairo next May under the auspices of President of the Republic Egypt and the Arab Community and a large number of Ministries involved in Trade, Development and Investment as a serious step in this direction.

Representatives of Africa invited at this conference will be a large group of Heads-Of-States, Ministers, Ambassadors of Arab and African Nations, Senior International Businessmen and Businesswomen, Decision-makers, and Her Majesty Queen Shebah III Head of AKF-FOS. Included in the 2017 Conference in Egypt will be Arab high government officials and well known personalities, to support this conference and the Arab countries, which represent the heart of Africa during this conference on the path of a true partnership.

Followed by the 4th Arab African Conference a Fifth Conference will be held for investment in the heart of Africa, in Sbralaon during the month of April to support the revitalization of the African economy and promote the effective presence of the Arab member Nations in support of the countries in these vital regions, representing a lot of trade and investment integration opportunities that can bring a big rewards to the economy including human development and prosperity of the two continents . (Edited for translation and clarity)

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