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Kingdoms Palace News

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House of Sheba Arab & African Family Nations Community

H.I.M Empress Shebah Kasambu ‘Ra - Queen Shebah III the Imperial Head of the Dual Federation- African Continent Kingdoms Federation-AKF and FOS-Federation of the South(Arab World Regions: Sheba Throne related Egypt, Nubia and ancestral Southern Arabia, Yemen).

The Reigning Queen of Sheba and the Vice-President of the Arab - African Nations-AACID was born in the Americas on the Southernmost-South island of the Americas-South Caribbean on the Island of Trinidad of the twin islands nations State Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad is an integral part of the South-America, South-Continent as continental island. Her birth in the Americas, a first for ancestral Sheba throne-lines, brings together her unique Hispanic heritage of NORTH-Africa/Afro-asiatic/ Middle-east/Asia, South-Europe, South-Americas and Africa as throne Continent as an integral part of the South Continent family.

Highlighted Birthplace of the Queen Of Sheba

Uniting as cultures the House Of Sheba Nations and Kingdoms peoples of the Middle-East/Asia, African continents and the OAS community as extended families as birth region and family ancestral regions of the Queen of Sheba during this time in history. Kasambu 'Ra Ruling House of Sheba is formally the only recognised bloodlines House of Sheba MENA/Middle-East-Asia lines in the Americas.

Her Majesty created a specific plan for development and unity. The original mission, conceived in 2000, was to create a plan to bring wealth-enhancement to the 55 African Nations and hundreds of Kingdoms of Africa called Project VII Phoenix (PVIIP). It was later expanded and duplicated as the Pilot Project of One In Light (O.I.L.), to include the downtrodden across the South World and beyond. A similar template and vision planning of the 17 Sustainable Goals of the UN.

Likewise, the Arab World Arab-African Council for Integration and Development (AACID) in 2015 saw the value in her work and asked her to join those in the region working along the same lines.

(Credit_alummahworld.com_arab-league - Arab League Map.jpg)

As such from their start as UNSDGS Partnership the Arab-African Council for Integration and Development Head, His Excellency Ambassador Emad Tareq Al-Janabi, in 2016 appointed Her Imperial Majesty Queen Shebah III with Portfolio Vice-President of AACID. H.E. Al-Janabi was appointed as Vice-President of the African Kingdom Federation AKF-FOS with merge of AACID Member Nations and Community to the Federations NGO Imperial House Foundation Major Group which the Empress at heads, to move the agenda of both groups. In November 2016 the IHF NGO-MG integrated the UKA-United Kingdom Of Africa formed by the inner Africa sub-Kingdoms

This merging of similar programs to move the region forward, and uplift all of its citizens, is at the forefront of Regional cooperation.

The mission undertaken by the Empress has been worked on and developed over the last 17 years and has come to fruition with these designations and appointments. This will be the model used to move humanity forward towards unity and cooperation over the next decades.

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