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Kingdoms Palace News

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African Continent Kingdoms Federation-AKF 2007 AU Anniversary Tripoli Unification Summit and 2016 De

Nubia-Sheba Throne Imperial Matriarch Shebah Debra III, Queen Of Sheba

2007 African Kingdoms Federation Summit

Nubian Kingdoms Nations African Kingdoms 2007 AU Anniversary Federation Unity Summit Resolution and 2016 Federation Unification Decree goes into effect December 2017.

Updated: September 2017 Release

African Continent Kingdoms 2007 AU Anniversary Tripoli Unification Summit, and extended 2016 signed Unification Decree, goes into effect at the December 2017 Summit. The November 2016 signed Unification Decree with the inner African Kingdoms, of the 2007 Summit unity resolution, will go formally into effect with the 2017 Nubia-Sheba Kingdoms Federation in the UN planned QS-III Summit 2017 of the Federation AKF NGO Imperial House Foundation and ISEA Foundation, alliance.

This is in start of the African Union Nations and Arab Nations, development support integration in line with the African Union, AACID and Throne continent economic support PVIlP agenda.

The December Ceremony activation means immediate start of economic changes and major development sectors addressed start in all Federation member Nations, Financed by the Federation. The Decree of the Queen signed with the Kingdoms was co-signed by the House of Sheba Throne related House of Sheba family community of North-Africa, Middle-East, Near East, and Asia represented within the Arab-African AACID Member Nations Supreme Council, in full support of the Federation and Queen Of Sheba.

2007 Summit

The 2016 Decree was part two of the 2007 AU Anniversary Tripoli Summit Unification Renaissance Resolution with the Major lines in start, and the 2007-2008 Imperial lines House of Sheba Asere House migrated West-African lines reunion. Thereafter 2009 - 2010 the Federation established Queen Shebah III ARC of Nubia online platforms as unification and community Global Platforms of the Africa internal lines with all Nations, creating the 193+ Nations Community base, towards unified inactive support by the collective, for the collective home nations.

This was followed by the 2013 Diaspora recognition from the 2007 Summit resolution, 2014 start of Far East unification and South-Asia, 2014 first USA Diaspora integration in the ETAMENAA royal lines Americas extended Court, in circle completed with the 2016 unification.

2016 AACID Chairman, Council and Arab League Secretary

In 2017 September the House of Sheba lines ancient lines of the Far East Korean South Peninsula joined the family unity agenda, with the ancestral Middle-East / Africa Ruling House of Sheba. This, in a Unification of the South World major lines Matriarchal Ruling House of Sheba. In support of the family lines Queen 2000 - 2017 efforts for a unified body to address the eradication of poverty from the Worlds South regions and by extension the planet. Which is at the root of the Queens PVIIP agenda in start for the inner Africa Nubian Nations sub-Kingdoms descendants of the ancient Nubia-Sheba lines, economical wellbeing and with that the African Nations as a whole, with the respective Kingdoms and Nations, in accordance to the Federation Constitution.

The Crown of Silla is being prepared by South Korea for the December 2017 Summit and a replica presented at the September 12th Marriott Wall Street ceremony of the ISEA Foundation by HRH Kyeong Ju Kim of the ancient Silla Kingdoms Ruling House of Kim.

The 2016 Unification Decree is an extension of the 2007 Summit decree, to include, the remaining sub-kingdoms, that was not present at the 2007 Summit. The November 2016 decree was signed between the African Kingdoms Federation Matriarchal Throne of the Continents older line major House, and the Throne related House of Sheba Arab-African Nations AACID, with, the Traditional Kingdoms. It was formally signed and sealed in November 2016, by the Traditional Kingdoms Prime Chancellor, but not yet placed into effect while activation planning was being seen too, of the 2007 Summit planning activation, with the inclusion of the November 2016 included sub-Kingdoms. With exception of the Summit 2007 participants, the November 2016 inner Kingdoms Decree activation included in the December 2017 Summit, gives the final opportunity for still not listed kingdoms wishing to participate in the extensive development program and Investment support within the Federation Community.

The next Federation Membership listing opportunity, will be at the 2027 Summit.

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