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Arab-African Supreme Authority of Wise M


Reg.nr. 1988/001877/07

About us

HOSI-House Of Sheba Investments South-Africa Reg.nr 1988/001877/07 (32 years) to present 2020, is the House of Sheba-HOS Royal family company.  HOSI is head of our international Businesses Partnership Alliance Consortium. The CEOs/CFOs and Royal Heads of the Alliance Partnership Businesses of the ECO-6, forms the Consortium Board of Directors of HOSI led consortium. Which includes Arab-Africa Head of Kingdoms, the Arab league nations community AACID-Arab African Council for Integration and Development, the AmiraUSA LLC finance group. Alongside Civil Society Organizations  and CIHF-Crown Imperial House Foundation Non-Governmental Organization Major Group, and the World Peace Committee Intergovernmental Advisory which forms the House Committee. The HOSI House Committee acts as Advisory on the respective urban and rural regions sectors of development, diplomacy, consultancy and implementation support of the African Nations social, economical and infrastructural development with the African Governments and Private Sector. 


Our Goal 

A structured model for economic and financial stability towards wealth empowerment and finances self-generation in support of the African nations economic development needs, and social community and youth training and social betterment climate creation, as continental Arab and African Alliance Royal Community agenda PVIIP – Project VII Phoenix Africa, a concept agenda project for the economic revival of Africa.

Our Purpose

Objective is finances and services to support the African Governments and local communities’ economic growth, wealth production and social betterment. This with our integration of Economics with Social climate advancement investments, Higher Education, progressive Science and Research facilitation, Governmental Diplomacy Ministerial Portfolios effective Application Training and Digital Era technological Skills, towards PVIIP-Africa long-term success and investors investment confidence, as critical Foundation for Africa’s Rise, as total Investment Model.

Our Business Services

Strategic and structured based business ventures with focus on partnerships businesses within the sector of natural resources gold and diamonds mining sales sector, agricultural, animal husbandry farming and meat production international exports.

HOSI Leadership Senior Directors of the Board

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Board Of Directors 2020

Priority Mission Statement


We revised in March 2020 our African Union Nations Project VII Phoenix-PVIIP Nations Development Agenda, to that of the African Union Nations Financial Facilitations Agenda as First Priority Agenda, expanded project. With our Sovereign Imperial House of Sheba (HOS) Africa, African Unon 6th Economic Community (ECO-6), Middle-East/Asia and USA Financial Facilitations Alliance Business Partnership Consortium of ARC-Alliance Royal Community, of House Of Sheba Investment S.A (HOSI SA). With focus: African Nations Governments and Economic community financial support with inclusion and integration of the African Kingdoms urban and rural communities, towards economic survival strategic potential development. Financial facilitation portfolio is 6 Trillion USD/AKL.


Special Facilitation Farming & Agriculture

  • With forecast global food shortages our special priority focus is the facilitation of Farmers once they have the availability of land, with needed supplies, tools and equipment for large Scale Farming, and cooperative farming, and offset Market. 

HOUSE OF SHEBA INVESTMENTS - Alliance Consortium Facilitation


Kasambu Ra House 2016.png

African Nations & International Financial Services Facilitation

  • African Kingdoms Projects Financing

  • Governmental Projects Financing 

  • Business Community Financing 


Trade & Commerce Facilitation

  • Primarily Gold Mining & Trade


Agriculture & Farming Facilitation

  • ECO Farming

  • Aquaponics

  • All aspects of Farming

Kasambu Ra House 2016.png

African National Governments Advancement Facilitation Program:           

  • Governmental Ministerial Staff Diplomatic & Ministerial Portfolio’s Training Facilitation.

  • (This special programs are very important and will in future decide investors’ confidence, interest and willingness to invest in the African Nations)

  • Intergovernmental Business & Investments International Conferences Facilitation

  • Science & Research Facilitation

  • Advance Education Facilitation

Kasambu Ra House 2016.png

African Nations Governments, Conflict Resolution, Poverty Economic Correction and Social Investment Betterment Programs. This towards the alliance partners intergovernmental empowerment and PVIIP Economic Agenda long-term continuum and Prosperity of PVIIP-Africa and the Arab Nations Community:

  • Conflict Resolution Facilitation

  • Anti-Drugs Programs support and material facilitation & Training for Schools, Police & Security Sectors Facilitation

  • Mental Health Abuse protection services Facilitation

  • Happiness, Well-being & Life-Improvement program Facilitation

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House Of Sheba - CIHF Non-Governmental Organization Major Group (NGOMG)

THE SOVEREIGN HOUSE OF SHEBA 'CROWN IMPERIAL HOUSE FOUNDATION - CIHF' is the African Kingdoms Kingdoms UN DESA Databank Non-Status Registered NGOMG of the Royal Family. It represents and is responsible for all sectors and aspects of the throne governance agenda facilitation of the African Continent Kingdoms Federation - AKF internal Humanitarian and Social Betterment portfolios. Alongside  internationally Humanitarian interest of the Federation of the South - FOS of the Royal House of Sheba/Seba Related Lines & Family Kingdoms Nations Throne of Sheba Ruling House.  The CIHF and all Federation Offices are housed in QS-III Arc Of Nubia Alliance CIO-Crown Imperial Office, the Federation Intergovernmental Organizations and Throne of Sheba eGovernance Head-Quarters. Entrance is by invitation only. 


CIHF is responsible for the Federation of the Throne of Sheba African Continent Kingdoms Nations Phase 9 of 9 Federation's 55 Nations unified development agenda-PVIIP, AKF, FOS, ARC, ARK and AACID Social Betterment portfolios. With integration of CIHF NGO MG partnership portfolio sectors in Science, Education, Development and law with the African Kingdoms Federation and its respective Alliance AACID-Arab-African Nations Supreme Council for Integration and Development, and ACIA-African Court of International Arbitration of the AKF Throne Council.


Which represents and oversees the CSO Economical, Developmental, Intergovernmental and Humanitarian portfolio projects of the following:


African Kingdoms Federation


Federation Throne Of Sheba Nubia - Sheba Kingdoms Royal Government Of The Queen Of Sheba respective Royal Kingdoms Throne Nations and Descendants formed Sub-Kingdoms Nations, Union of South Kingdoms.


Arab-African Council for Integration & Development


AACID NGO Partnership Arab-African Nations Internal Development at National Level. In all sectors of Higher Education, Science, Intergovernmental development agenda and Private Sector financing facilitation. With focus the Arab-African Nations dual Federations Member Nations Global Community AKF -FOS and Representatives. Operating from the Arab World Nations AACID, Central Headquarters Egypt & Iraq Middle-East.                            

CIO-Crown Imperial Office

The Queen Shebah III ARC Of Nubia - ArcNubia eHeadQuarters ARC


Crown Imperial Office (CIO) of the Queen of Sheba extended Online Global Nations international over 4000 Secretariats and virtual Offices Headquarters, of the Federation International eGovernance eHeadQuarters of the Throne of Sheba Royal Kingdoms Governance. CIO internal houses the AKF-FOS Kingdoms and Kingdoms UN DESA Databank Non-Status Registered NGOMG 'Crown Imperial House Foundation-CIHF' Major Group SDGS-17 Goals RSO Community and ARC-Alliance Royal Community.


The ARC Alliance includes WPC- World Peace Committee, Arab Africa Council of Integral and Development-AACID, Amira United States of America, Ateker International Development Organization-AIDO, Council of Churches South Africa International - COCSAI(35.000 Interfaith Churches / Religions Organizations Federation CIO internal includes GLOBAL Nations support ICT Arc Royal Chapters including of the 193 Nations plus Kingdoms & earth's Indigenous First Nations internal ebased trade and development platforms for Projects support and participation.


Alongside Federation Academy and internal eOffices of Alliance Partners and Federation Member NGO's, CSO's and inter-Governmental Organisations, as of the present Phase 9 of 9 Project Agenda ARK-African Royal Kingdoms for PVIIP-OIL.


UN SDGS 17-Agenda Goals integration, realisation support and overseer Internal AKF-FOS Queen Shebah III Arc Of Nubia Federation Of the South Mission SDGS CSO's/NGO's Support of AKF-FOS AACID PVIIP-OIL Mission RSO.                            

African Court Of International Arbitration

ACIA - A Member Of The African Kingdoms Federation - AKF


ACIA Partner and member of the African Kingdoms Federation and dual Federations Global Community RSO Legal Affairs Representatives.                        


Federation Of The South/Sheba

Federation of the South covers all the communities related that are in North-Africa plus all outside of Africa of Nubia Egypt lines Nubia / Sudan Sheba/Seba / MENA-Middle-East & North-Africa /  Africa / Europe / The Americas-OAS / Asia House of Sheba Bloodlines of South Arabia's Sheba/Seba Arab League, MENA/, Near East, South-Americas/South Caribbean House of Sheba Throne lines Ruling Matriarchal Ruling Throne Region/Family Nations, Kingdoms Community Birth Home and Region OAS. And, all within and on the worlds Continent of the ancestry thereof aforementioned..


The Queen Shebah III  ARK Of SHEBA - Forum


AKF-FOS Members, Federation internal and  Social Media support Community 2017 launched Forum on UNSDGS 17-Goals Agenda within PVIIP and OIL-One In Light.   Site is accessible via sign-in to the public, therefore a heavy accent focus for social media Public, CSOs and NGOs  interactive participation and support. 


Queen Shebah III Arc Of NUBIA Federation


Humanitarian & Non-Humanitarian CSO's/NGO's Development Projects Federation Community Task-Force  I - III Ambassadors / Leadership PVIIP-OIL Training & Orientation eAcademy Faculty on location Accessible for all CSO's and  NGO's / NGO's-MG and African Kingdoms in good standing.


The Queen Shebah III ARC Of Nubia


AKF-FOS Operations SDGS headquarters. Federation 510 MSGnet ICT Headquarters.  Entrance is to members only or by invitation.  

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