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Arab-African Supreme Authority of Wise M


About us

HOSI-House Of Sheba Investments South-Africa 1988/001877/07 (32 years) to present 2020, is the House of Sheba-HOS Royal family company. HOSI is head of our international Businesses Partnership Alliance Consortium investments screening Board. The CEOs/CFOs and Royal Heads of the Alliance Partnership Businesses. Which includes Arab-African Royals, AACID-Arab African Council for Integration and Development business community, with the Queendom of Sheba Investment Authority-QSIA. The HOSI House Committee acts as Advisory on the respective urban and rural regions sectors of development, diplomacy, consultancy and implementation support of the African Nations social, economical and infrastructural development with the African Governments and Private Sector.  

Our Goal 

Our Queendom leading the way to a prosperous Africa.

Our Purpose

Objective is finances and services support pre-screening and commercial ventures facilitations with the African Governments and local communities’ towards economic growth, wealth production and social betterment. This with our integration of Economics with Social climate advancement investments, Higher Education, progressive Science and Research facilitation, Governmental Diplomacy Ministerial Portfolios effective Application Training and Digital Era technological Skills, towards the Queendom PVIIP-Africa long-term success and investors investment confidence, as critical Foundation for Africa’s Rise, as total Investment Model.

Our Business Services

Strategic and structured based business ventures with focus on partnerships businesses within all Africa internal and International development, advanced technology and economic sectors..

HOSI Leadership Senior Directors of the Board

Board Of Directors 2020-2030 Mission

Priority Mission Statement


We revised in March 2020 our African Union Nations Project VII Phoenix-PVIIP Nations Development Agenda, to that of the African Union Nations Financial Facilitations Agenda as First Priority Agenda, expanded project. With our Sovereign Imperial House of Sheba (HOSI ) Africa. In 2021 with the African Union Panel and Mai Ndombe Congo DRC establishment of the Queendom Capital and our Royal University and agenda 2063 planning our Mission was expanded. Then with the African Union 2022 formal launch of the AU 6th Economic Community of Africa and the Flag hoisting, we expanded even more to facilitate that as HOSI. In unity with our Queendom of Sheba Investments Authority-QSIA and our Middle-East/Asia and USA Financial Facilitations Alliance Business Partnership Consortium of ARC-Alliance Royal Community, of House Of Sheba Investment S.A (HOSI SA). With focus: African Nations Governments and Economic community financial support with inclusion and integration of the African Kingdoms urban and rural communities, towards economic survival strategic potential development. 

Special Facilitation Farming & Agriculture

  • With forecast global food shortages our special priority focus is the facilitation of Farmers once they have the availability of land, with needed supplies, tools and equipment for large Scale Farming, and cooperative farming, and offset Market. 

HOUSE OF SHEBA INVESTMENTS - Alliance Consortium Facilitation


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African Nations & International Financial Services Facilitation

  • African Kingdoms Projects Financing

  • Governmental Projects Financing 

  • Business Community Financing 


Trade & Commerce Facilitation

  • Primarily Gold Mining & Trade


Agriculture & Farming Facilitation

  • ECO Farming

  • Aquaponics

  • All aspects of Farming

Kasambu Ra House 2016.png

African National Governments Advancement Facilitation Program:           

  • Governmental Ministerial Staff Diplomatic & Ministerial Portfolio’s Training Facilitation.

  • (This special programs are very important and will in future decide investors’ confidence, interest and willingness to invest in the African Nations)

  • Intergovernmental Business & Investments International Conferences Facilitation

  • Science & Research Facilitation

  • Advance Education Facilitation

Kasambu Ra House 2016.png

African Nations Governments, Conflict Resolution, Poverty Economic Correction and Social Investment Betterment Programs. This towards the alliance partners intergovernmental empowerment and PVIIP Economic Agenda long-term continuum and Prosperity of PVIIP-Africa and the Arab Nations Community:

  • Conflict Resolution Facilitation

  • Anti-Drugs Programs support and material facilitation & Training for Schools, Police & Security Sectors Facilitation

  • Mental Health Abuse protection services Facilitation

  • Happiness, Well-being & Life-Improvement program Facilitation

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