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HIM The Empress Shebah III - The Queen of Shebah 2021






Global South-South Royal Community

 At The Service The QUEEN OF SHEBA


Established in 2000


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The Federation is similar in internal infrastructure and make-up to the African Union, which is formed by a Federation of African Nations Governments and similar to the USA which is formed by a Federation of States Union, the Queendom of Sheba African Kingdoms Federation, in short referred to as the African Kingdoms Federation-AKF, is formed by the Nubia-Sheba Queendom of Sheba African Royal Kingdoms Nations Union of the African Union Nations.


Federation of African Union Nations (AU) and the Queendom Federation of African Kingdoms Nations (AKF) brief Information Comparison. 


The African Union (AU) is a Federation consisting of all of Africa's states except Morocco. The union was formed, with Addis Ababa as its headquarters, on 26 June 2001. The African Union has a parliamentary government, known as the African Union Government, consisting of legislative, judicial and executive organs. It is led by the African Union President and Head of State, who is also the President of the Pan African Parliament (Wiki). Similarly, the Queendom African Kingdoms Federation (AKF) is a union, consisting of the African States ancient Nubia-Sheba Queendom Royal Kingdoms referred to as the Traditional Kingdoms and Traditional Rulers. Forming a Royal Monarchical Federation and Central Government of the Continents Ancient Egypt: Nubia Sheba Queendom Throne descendant Kingdoms and Nations: the ARK-Ancestral Royal Kingdoms of the Federation Of The South and its migrated descendants lines formed Nations. 


The Head of the Queendom African Kingdoms Federation Union Sheba Throne Central Government is the Arab-African Nations / Africa-Eurasia Sheba Throne-head of the South Union, the Queen Of Sheba of The Queendom of Sheba, Africa. The centuries-old Queendom African Continent Royal Kingdoms Federation-AKF was reformed in 1962, in 2000 and further expanded in September 2007 by Federation Nations Southern Arabia ancestral lines Sheba and dual descendent SEBA Kingdoms of Nubia-Kush African Continent Nations Kingdoms bloodlines of the Throne of Sheba, formed by the descendants of the ancient Nubia-Egypt Empires and Royal Kingdoms, covering the African Continent. 


Forming as Queendom one unified African Kingdoms Federation of Nubia-Sheba Kingdoms and Nations, of the African Nubia-Sheba Imperial Matriarchal Empire ancestral to the Kingdom of Sheba, as an integral part of the Federation of The South, Union. The African Nubian Kingdoms Nation Kingdoms hundreds of internal Chiefdoms, collectively form the Supreme Assembly of the Kingdoms Federation (representing the respective Kingdoms and Kingdoms Tribal Nations of the African Continent).


The Supreme Assembly is represented by a Supreme Assembly Cabinet comprised of Kingdoms Royal Monarchs of the Federation and the permanent Cabinet of the Kingdoms Central Government of the Federation, appointed by the Head of the dual Federations, union , led by the Southern-Arabia/ME-NA/Egypt House of Sheba FOS Throne Head, the Queen of Sheba, born in the Southernmost- South twin Nations State of the South-South world region, South-Caribbean-South Americas lines continental island of Trinidad. 

The Queendom of Sheba Nubian Nations African Kingdoms Federation registered in 2002 its established NGO IHF-Imperial House Foundation Africa which was formalized in 2004, expanded IHF-USA in 2004, and Incorporated in Africa in 2007. During 2008/9, IHF-USA was closed. In 2009, IHF Africa launched 'its centuries-old traditional internal African Kingdoms community Nubia-Sheba 'African Royal Kingdoms-ARK, and the ARC Of Nubia eHead-quarters and NGO Support Social Community Network Platform for the Federation’s commissioned PVIIP-OIL Agenda of IHF-Africa.  In 2018 IHF Africa was revised to Crown Imperial House Foundation CIHF and with the Queendom focus on one objective, the Project VII Phoenix (PVIIP),  Agenda.

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z4-1-8-Queen Of Sheba 2020-ARC CIO Banner AKF Official.png
z4-1-8-Queen Of Sheba 2020-ARC CIO Banner AKF Official.png

The Royal Diaspora

Historical Recognition Process

The Queen Of Sheba was born in the Southernmost South-Caribbean Island of Trinidad that is as well and integral part of South America a member of the House of Sheba Royal Family. By customary Royal ancestral ancients laws of recognition of the People of the Lands, sand and soil of the thrones birth region by birth of the Throne of Thrones Empress and Queen in the Americas both the islands and that Continents of North and South are an integral part of the Queen of Sheba family community and thus the People of the Lands, sand and soil with that of the Throne region of responsibility Africa.


In determination to see to the recognition of this, in 2000 the process was made start with the coronation of the Americas first-born Queen of Africa's Kingdoms and the Head of the Queendom African Kingdoms Federation. In 2007 the Federation held its first African Continent Kingdoms Summit with theme the African Renaissance with accent on its Diaspora. The event coincided with the African Union Anniversary celebration in Libya, and the start thereafter of the process towards the Summit Resolution realization as one of the key responsibilities of African Kingdoms Federations legal representative the Crown Imperial House Foundation-CIHF all and integral part of the Federation ARK-African Royal Kingdoms and its South-South Nations ARC-Alliance Royal Community. 


In 2009 - 2013 ARC focus was PVIIP operations structuring and the colonial era Diaspora descendants integration into the African Royal Community and its activities as an integral part of the Throne of Sheba Americas  community. This as start of the 2000 January process of the 2007 Tripoli Summit Resolution towards, the formal integration of the colonial Diaspora lines of the Transatlantic slave trade. In 2013 the formal recognition of the global Diaspora of the colonial era slave trade was decreed after 2000 - 2013 efforts of the Queen Of Sheba by Imperial Throne Utterance on 18.08.2013 at an event in that honor at the Victory Hall, in Montego Bay Jamaica. 


On 09 November 2014, the Recognition was followed by the most important ceremony the start of the diaspora now recognized actual integration into the African Kingdoms Royal Court staff and representatives of the Queen of Sheba. This event was held in Philadelphia USA by the representatives Nubian nations Ga Kingdoms that flew from Africa to the USA and performed the auspicious ceremony. This meant the Diaspora recognized in 2013 by the Queen was now represented by the 7 that was enstooled,  as integration of the Americas Diaspora line into the Federation community royal court. 


Thus the Diaspora lines are now not only recognized by the  Mother Throne as an integral part of the Kingdoms as well but ruling House family community of the Americas Firstborn Throne head of the African Continent Kingdoms. Therefore alongside the Continents Nubian Sheba Royal Kingdoms nations descendent Kingdoms, the Americas and its Diaspora of the Nubian Nations taken out of Africa are directly of, and under the Throne of Thrones the Queen of Sheba and the Federation Crown Government in Africa in unity with and an integral part of the People and Kingdoms of Africa as the Queendom of Sheba African Kingdoms Federation family community.

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aa4-1-8-Queen Of Sheba 2020-ARC CIO Banner AKF Official.png


The House of Sheba Bloodlines Community of The Americas/EU-AFRICA -Middle-East/Near East & ASIA

African KINGDOMS Federation Nations ARC ALLIANCE UNION

AKF Alliance Achievement chronology to 2000 - 2018

The NGO representation of Nubia-Sheba African Kingdoms Federation-AKF and its Nubian Kingdoms Secretariat was established in 2000, alongside the AKF Royal Kingdoms. The NGOMG was founded and led by the Imperial Matriarch of the Throne of Sheba, the Queen of Sheba, and carries the Imperial House name as ‘The Imperial House Foundation (IHF) at that time’. It was then formalized registered and established in 2002/4. In 2009 IHF formed The ARC-African Royal Community (RSO) and ARC-Alliance in 2010 the Queen Shebah III, ARC of Nubia/Sheba Global Network of the 2021 inaugurated African Kingdoms Federation Parliament Mission.


In 2016, House of Sheba Egypt AKF-AACID (Arab-African Council for Integration and Development) formed the United Arab-African Kingdoms Alliance-Union by the 2010 formed AKF-FOS Alliance. This was further formalized with the AKF respective NGO in 2018, with a signed MOA which formed the 2018 Alliance-Union of The AKF-FOS Federations ‘Imperial House Foundation-CIHF’, NGOMG-2000 - 2018 (RSO) Royal Society Organization of Shebah III Alliance Royal Community-ARC of the Queen of Sheba South Kingdoms Thrones Ancestral Mother-Throne, Middle-East/Africa Bloodlines.

By the end of September 2016, Queen Shebah III, AKF-FOS Federation-Head of Government, and Federation Imperial House Foundation-CIHF NGO and RSO Head-Of-Organization, was appointed as Vice-Chairman of AACID, the Arab-African Council for Integration and Development.  In the capacity of AACID Vice-President, the Empress expands the AKF-FOS with alliance integration of the Arab World Nations AACID-Arab-African Council for Integration and Development. Which gave birth to the largest South World Royal Society Organization-RSO and NGO Major Group covering the African Continent Kingdoms, including the AACID Arab World Nations and Asia Member Nations of the Federation, with expansion partnership as AKF-FOS AACID Alliance-Union CIHF NGOMG ROYAL Society Organization.


In November of 2016, the alliance that already included the African Continent ancient lines Kingdoms now integrates the inner-Africa sub-kingdoms and Chiefdoms of the United Kingdoms of Africa Traditional Rulers Forum within the House of Sheba NGO-MG Community alliance within the AKF SDGS PARTNERSHIP. ​

The Federation of The South World Kingdoms is formed by the Royal Family Houses of Sheba member nations Africa/ and within The Sheba Throne Family Community Arab League community AACID/ MENA House of Egypt/Sudan - Nubia Kingdoms & Nations Sheba Throne Lines and Southern-Arabia.  Which forms The House of Sheba African Kingdoms Federation-AKF Ruling House of Sheba Federation of The South-FOS Africa-Asia Kingdoms Nations of The South, and represented by the AKF NGO the Crown Imperial House Foundation-CIHF.  In 2016 AKF/IHF applied formally as the Nubia-Sheba African Kingdoms Federation - Imperial House Foundation for registration as NGO with United Nations DESA (UNDESA) and was successful. AKF later saw to the application for AACID with UNDESA which was successful and AACID was as well registered with UNDESA.


AKF and AACID extended relations with UN ECOSOC Special Consultative Status Foundation ISEA and HSIO that integrated into the Alliance Union. AKF later appointed IHF as primary representation in the UN DESA databank and focus on the affairs of the Federation. In 2018 the Federation IHF was reformed, renamed and formally registered under its new name ''CROWN Imperial House Foundation-CIHF under it present appointed Board of Royals of the House of Sheba by its Founder and Head its Chairman/CEO the Queen of Sheba.

aa4-1-8-Queen Of Sheba 2020-ARC CIO Banner AKF Official.png
aa4-1-8-Queen Of Sheba 2020-ARC CIO Banner AKF Official.png
z4-1-8-Queen Of Sheba 2020-ARC CIO Banner AKF Official.png

Alliance Achievement chronology 2019 - 2021 


In December 2019 AKF head was appointed as the World Peace Committee Deputy-President for the African Union 55 Nations. This was followed by the World Organizations of States Intergovernmental Parliament for Safety and Peace appointment for as Deputy-Minister for Africa Protocol and the Global representative Humanitarian Efforts Support Envoy as double Diplomatic Mission functions expanding the Federation ARC Alliance Head status as Diplomatic Mission, and intergovernmental, alongside that of its AACID major expansion, and global presence.

With the world on lockdown, and portfolios of alliance growing so to the needed of an international Headquarters. Which was foreseen by the Queen of Sheba and over a decade in preparation for this very time, and unique. The 2009 created and constructed from 2010-2020 Queen Shebah III ARC of Nubia central internal online Headquarters, which houses the Federation over 4000 Virtual Offices, Secretariats, and all nations on Earth internal ARC Chapters Missions. Alongside internal Provinces and in some cases Cities thus for the entire African Continent as well Federation and Alliance community executives platform after preparation of 10 years was launch in 2020 as Diplomatic Mission Headquarters of the World Peace and Intergovernmental Parliament portfolio and the further Alliance portfolios. With formal name the ARC Alliance CIO.--Crown Imperial Office. The Office of Queen Shebah III The Queen Of Sheba.

In 2020 the Queen of Sheba positioned CIHF as the foundation stone of the Federation development agenda realization, and full focus on the Federation Queendom responsibilities as agenda. Towards this purpose in September 2020 a 5 days Royal Summit was held with participation of the Alliance and with focus on the integration of the Diaspora, the creation of the Continents Nubia-Sheba Kingdoms Crown Parliament.



In January 2021 the African Union new Presidency was seated under the President of Congo DRC and team ''African Renaissance'' ''Lever for the Africa that we Want'' with accent on Culture, Arts and Heritage! The agenda of the African Kingdoms Federation led by the Queen of Sheba since the year 2000, and as resolution of the AKF 2007 Tripoli Summit of theme African Renaissance'' The Revival of Africa's Culture, Heritage and Transatlantic Diaspora integration''. This led to a historic step in support of the African Union Presidency 2021 agenda, and formation of the African continents ancestral Queendom with an autonomous territory, lands for its re-establishment, and position it as the Kingdoms Cultural Capital of Africa, in Mai Ndombe Congo, DRC, with the final signing on June 19, 2021, holding at present a similar status as the Kingdom of Monaco. 

With the establishment of the Imperial Queendom of Sheba in June 2021 also gain autonomous status and portfolio for the development agenda support, and it’s financing of the African Union Nations agenda starting with the Congo DRC provinces over the next 40 years, as priority focus of the Queendom. In that same period the Alliance NGO AACID-Arab African Council for Integration and Development under the leadership of HE Amb. Emad Tareq Al-Janabi and Vice-Presidency of The Queen of Sheba was accredited with Special Consultative Status with the United Nations ECOSOC.

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z4-1-8-Queen Of Sheba 2020-ARC CIO Banner AKF Official.png

AKF 2000 - 04.2022 Present
Organization respective Milestones, Awards, Recognitions, and Accreditations

Note: In our Nubia / Kush / Egypt / Sheba Thrones Royal culture, it is a protocol that once a Monarch is seated as enthroned, they are no longer a person, but rather the representation of the institution of the Kingdom and Nation in its entirety as Head. As such each step, each accomplishment is not that of the person but seen as that of the Nation, as the Monarch that is the embodiment as an institution, of the said nation or nations of representation in serve. The Queen of Sheba is the EMPRESS first of all of the Nubia/Egypt Sheba Queendom descendent Royal Kingdoms and as the Imperial Matriarch seated the Queen of the Queendom, the Queen of the South, the Queen of Sheba, of yesterday, and the Queendom today. As such all accomplishments are noted as that of the all represented as Monarch and Head of the Crown Government.


Honors & Awards Includes

Africa Milestones


  • 2000 - The Coronation of the Empress and start of Leadership of the African Kingdoms Federation-AKF

  • 2000 - The AKF structure, Constitution, and, PVIIP-Project VII Phoenix Agenda 2000 - 2020 Phase 1 - 9 formulated

  • 2000 - The creation of the AKF Ngo IHF-Imperial House Foundation the started as AKF Legal Representation

  • 2002 - The AKF representing NGO IHF Formalized and registered with the Government Office of the Registrar

  • 2004 - The IHF is formally Incorporated & Ready to Commence Business on behalf of the AKF

  • 2006 - The Empress and Queen formulated and Decreed the Imperial Decree-2006 for the PVIIP-Project VII Phoenix Agenda for simultaneous  development of the 55 African Nations & Kingdoms 

  • 2007 - The AKF's first African Continent Kingdoms Summit.  The historical event was hosted by the Libyan Government. Theme African Renaissance/Diaspora and PVIIP-Project VII Phoenix Agenda Africa.

  • 2013 - The AKF formal Recognition of the Transatlantic Colonial-era Diaspora by Empress, the Queen of Sheba in Jamaica

  • 2014 - The AKF enstoolment of African-Americas & Caribbean Diaspora community into the African Kingdoms Royal Court


International Awards, Recognitions & Events Milestones

  • 2004 - AKF wins the Golden Award from 145 Countries for its Website presentation.

  • 2006 - The Nubian Nations Queen's Certificate of Recognition for efforts by New Halfa, North-Sudan

  • 2007 - The 2nd Forum Honorary President ACP | African, Caribbean, and Pacific Group of States

  • 2009 - The Republic Of Liberia National Traditional Council of Monrovia Certificate Of Recognition for Efforts For Africa

  • 2012 - The City Of Los Angeles Award Of Recognition for Service to the Community to Queen Shebah 'Ra 

  • 2013 - Federation Head Noble Woman Of The Year 2013/2014

  • 2014 - The USA Senate Recognition for Efforts of H.I.M Empress Shebah Kasambu 'Ra-Queen Shebah III

  • 2014 - The USA Senate Recognition for Efforts of the African Kingdoms Association Federation Of South Kingdoms

  • 2014 - The United States Special Congressional Award Recognition to HIM Empress Shebah Kasambu'Ra-Queen Shebah III

  • 2014 - The United States Special Congressional Award Recognition to the African Kingdoms Federation Association Federation Of South Kingdoms

  • 2014 - The AKF Head H.I.M Empress Shebah Kasambu 'Ra-Queen Shebah III is a Signee with 35 Present & Past World Heads-Of-States and over 700 World Leaders for Cessation of Wars at the World Peace Summit Seoul South-Korea

  • 2015/16 -The First Summit of The Americas was planned & later postponed after the death of King Michael II Of ARC Father of Shebah III

  • 2016 - The AACID-Arab African Council for Integration and Development Alliance with AKF covering Middle-East - Africa

  • 2017 - The AKF NGO CIHF is registered with UN DESA Data Bank & invited into the NGOMG (NGO Major Groups)

  • 2017 - The AKF Head was appointed as President of HSIO Human Survival International Organization (Asia) whose agenda represents 60% of the Global Population

  • 2017 - AKF Alliance with ISEA Foundation with UN ECOSOC (SCS) Special Consultative Status

  • 2018 - The AKF Head appointed ISEA UN High-Level Financial Technical Committee Chairman. 

  • 2018 - The AKF represented by its Head H.I.M Empress Shebah Kasambu 'Ra - Queen Shebah III participates with PACTCA at AFRICITIES 2018

  • 2019 - The AKF Summit of Thrones of Kings South Africa took place January 20-23, 2019 at the newly opened CSI - AOSH Africa

  • 2019 - The AKF Heads Birthday on 19th September 2020 was formally celebrated for the first time since the 2000 Year Coronation and New Throne Scepter of the Queen Of Sheba for the September 21st, 2020, Coronation 19th Anniversary & 2000 Coronation Public Outdooring completion as Queen Of Sheba. The Queen of Queens, Mother of All Nations portfolio in start


  • 2019 - The19th Year Coronation Anniversary of AKF Head and Coronation of the new Crown Ceremony was held on September 21, 2019, in completion of all rites since 2000, hosted at AOSH-Africa. Opening the 20th Year on the Throne and the formal start of the Throne of Thrones' full function.

  • 2019 - The AKF Head appointed World Peace Committee 202 Countries Deputy-President for the African Union 55 Countries on December 15, 2019

  • 2020 - January 16th the AKF Head Queen of appointed World Organization Of States Intergovernmental Parliament Deputy-Minister for Africa Protocol

  • 2020 - February World Peace Summit 2020 South Africa under the auspices of the Deputy President was hosted in South Africa from February 20-22.2020 hosted by CSI-AOSH and was a great success. Now even more historical It was the last International Peace Summit and the First with Key Participation of the Kingdoms before the global lockdown, and the end of life as all knew it.

  • 2020 - June 23rd Official Conferment as Doctor of Philosophy and Inauguration as Professor of Leadership and Governance by four Universities Chancellor, and the College of Professors. After 15 years of ongoing following the Queen's enormous work efforts and Academy Advance studies over 40 courses successful and ongoing in all relevant fields of Leadership and Governance of the Thrones and Nation, as agenda focus. Certification earned in Advance Fields Studies Tech and Ongoing within various fields from  Leadership to Conflict Resolution to Finance. 

  • 2021 July 21st appointed by the General-Directorate Universal Council for The Peace of Nations and Continents as Servant of Humanity and International Messenger of Peace For All by these criteria for Peace, and this following Her Majesty multiple services in Africa, the Caribbean, and in the World for Peace. 

  • 2021 – July 23rd became a member of the United Nations accredited ECOSOC NGOs/CSOs with the United Nations ECOSOC Special Consultation accreditation status for AACID-Arab African Council for Integration and Development.

  • 2021 - August 19th awarded "the Eminent Peace Ambassador Award" and "Africa's Most Peaceful Woman Champion Award and 'Inducted into the SDG International Hall Of Fame, by the World Peace President His Excellency Amb. Per Stafsen International Association Of World Peace Advocates. 

  • 2021 - September 19th awarded "the African Icon Award" in Dubai by The VOICE Magazine. 'The African Icon was the highest Award of the Voice Dubai Awards, covering all the achievements awards category. 

  • 2022 - March 9 -10 Awarded at the UAE Global Tech Innovation Summit for Powerful Women in Tech.

  • 2022 - To be honored at the '16 - 19th 2022 Monaco High-End Congress of Economic Diplomacy'.

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