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House of SHEBA Throne Royal Shebah Sai 'Ra III Of Kasambu 'Ra House 
Queen of the Nubia And Sheba Nations 
Shebah III The Queen Of Sheba

Head Of Federation Crown Government

First-Born Sheba Throne-Head of the New World ''The Americas'' on the African Continent, Mother Throne. Shebah III is the First Born Sheba Throne Royal in the Americas in history  
All African Kingdoms has an internal form of Government to address the Affairs of the Kingdoms and Thrones. All African Thrones and Stools as well have a Cabinet /Council of Elders, Warriors and more that forms the Royal Court respective make-up.  As well as Heads of Houses and Family Principle Heads within that advises on all relevant matters of the thrones, customary laws, traditions and succession and a key part within the Kingdoms internal structure. So to as Throne ancestral throne of multiple thrones, the Nubia Throne has by law its Throne Government and by extension covers and is an integral part of the leadership Federation Government as ruling throne, responsible for the affairs within the Federation and traditional laws and protocol for the descendant thrones.  

The Afrasian ancestral Middle-East/Asia Royal root thrones of the Yemeni lines/Arab and African bloodlines related Sheba throne is presently seated by family lines Imperial Royal of the Americas born lines Her Imperial Majesty EMPRESS Shebah Kasambu ‘Ra - Queen Shebah III, seen here with childhood natural fair-hair and with formal dark wigs, alongside East and West Africa respective Thrones Matriarch is a well-respected and known humanitarian icon. Her Majesty is Throne Head of the Nubian Kingdoms dual Federations AKF – FOS. Queen Shebah III is the Throne Queen of the Nubian Nation East Africa Kasambu 'Ra East-West Royal Family.


Her formal names and titles:


The Queen formal names and titles: Her Imperial Majesty Empress Shebah Kasambu‘Ra - Queen Shebah III, the Imperial Matriarch the EMPRESS of the multiple Royal Kingdoms. Her Majesty of the House ruling North-African Egypt lines is the East-African Nubian Nation Sheba Kingdoms ancestral lines family Throne Queen of the East-African Nubian Nation and Sheba Nubian Kingdoms ancestral lines family Throne as Imperial Matriarch of the Asere-Asasi Sovereign Imperial House Of 'Ra (short form: Kas Ambu 'Ra) Ruling Quartey Family.


Which includes 2007 coronation as the Queen of the Nubian Throne of the West-African major cross bordering Royal Kingdom of 500 Chiefdoms and expanded lines Pinango and Abron Royal Kingdoms alongside the HRM the King Nanan Adou BIBI II of Pinango and Abron the Secretary-General Of the African Continent West-African Traditional Rulers Of RCI. Throne Grand-Mother Matriarch of the Throne of Gomoa-Akyemfo, Queen of Nubian KasAmbu Nation. Lines Throne Mother of the ancestral Throne House Matriarchal Nubian Nations KHEPERKHEPERURE lines Ruling House of ‘Ra Imperial Throne Asere - Asasi Nubian lines Ruling Ga Nation Asere KPAKPATSEWE House of the Family East & West Lines of East / West Africa.


With the Nubian Queen Nubia-Sheba Asasi Thrones multiple Thrones as Queen:

  • HRM Yoomo Guatele Quartey - Ma-Mi Throne Mother of Asere House Lines the Ruling House.

  • HRM Shebah III Queen of the Nubian Kingdom Nation East-African Nation.

  • HRM Queen Abena Nytamche I Queen Of Pinango & Abron

  • HRM Grand-Mother Matriarch Bondziba V of Gomoa Akyemfo

  • HRM Bae Nanganlang Mother of the 110 Tribes Of the Philippines Tribal Nations of federation dual Federation Of the South.

  • HRM the Asasi Of Kas Ambu Nation

  • Are a few.


As such in thrones capacity the Nubian Queen the Imperial Matriarch Her Majesty holding both HIM and HRM as Prefix. with Imperial and Royal Thrones names, which covers all Throne titles. However most often Shebah III, or Shebah Kasambu Sai 'Ra III as formal names: Shebah Sai 'Ra III, and Yoomo Guatele Family House internal.

Shebah III - Nubian Kingdom African Continent Sheba Nation African Continent - Asasi Kas Amsu KASAMBU 'RA Matriarchal North-African Afroasiatic Ruling House East/West Lines Necho Dyn. Asere Kpakpatsewe Quartey House



The Nubian Queen. Imperial Matriarch Yoomo Guatele I of the Nubian Kingdoms Nations Matriarchal Throne Lines East lines migrated Ga Nation Ruling Asere  Patriarchal & Matriarchal  Asasi Throne Line Nation. Queen of East-Africa Nubian Kingdom Nation & West-Africa Nubia- Sheba Nation lines Tribes Royal Kingdoms Of Pinango & Abron, RCI. in the Republique de Cote Ivoire-RCI was formed by the respective sovereigns Kingdoms Nation last Akan King the Nation First President. Throne GrandMother of coastal Gomoa Throne of Ampaaden. The First Born Queen of the New World South Lines, born in the New World of North Americas South, Southernmost Island Trinidad.  


That island is an integral part of the South American Continental plate as a continental island. Alongside its twin island nation Tobago that is oceanic it floats in the sea. Trinidad is a part of South-America and its Continent, which is connected to Central & North Americas North-American Continent and its internal Caribbean island Basin. Formerly as House custom of name of Region, Eastern, region, Western Region and so forth Shebah III is Queen of the South Lines Ruling House born of the one Continent and Empress and Queen on another and rules by eGovernance responsibilities from within the New World and Family Region's Community outside of Africa alongside Africa internal. born lines of the Americas' migrated lines, a bloodline of multiple Nations.


Within the Americas, Shebah III falls under Latin/American Hispanic and whilst within Africa under North-African Arab Lines as Semitic Throne line primary ancestry. The Mother Line of the Continents Matriarchal Lines Ruling Kingdoms and Nations, as First Civilization formerly known, it is the First nation of the Continents Cradle and that law respected with the recognition of the House lines seated Queen of the South, the Queen Of Nubia -Sheba Matriarchal Thrones Empress and Queen of the Nubian Nation Nation alongside His Majesty Adam III Of KASAMBULA East Cushitic lines the King of the Nubian Nation.  The House is referred to East/West as neighbouring Continental neighbours.   Family house to the  Ijebu Ode Nation lines in Nigeria, alongside Benin House before Accra migrated stop and settlement in time of Necho. Forming the North-African, East African and Middle-East Arab-African and Ethiopian Afro Asiatic Lines of direct Middle-East, Yemen, Israel, North-Africa & East-African Internal Throne regions and throne lines related direct Ijebu Ode the Nigerian family lines of the Sheba House that settled there in lines migration to the West and final Accra Ga and Sierre Leone North-African internal community family lines. That line forms the of the 1777s migrated paternal lines to 1841 maternal side last migrated lines of the present Kasambu 'Ra House. Further major related lines are that of the Hausa, Mande, cousins of the Ga Nation, and Benin related ruling North-African and East Lines in the West and further Africa.



The Queen's function start and His Majesty was in Europe where Shebah III was responsible for the House European Nubian Secretariat Home Office in the Netherlands and His Majesty King Adam II from Sweden address affairs of the East Lines Bombo Throne, with both travels back and forth between Continents. In 2009 Shebah III start recognising the and structure a totally new Infrastructure that of total eGovernance as primary for a greater overview and more progressive governance.  During the 1990's the Queen before 2000 throne ceremony start, worked at a well known international Top Computer Industry Giant, thought studied Law the Queen chose specific areas of interest and as well need to see to a family of young children.  Working in the International Laboratory of the Company seeing to the international affairs in the technical dept, is said to have given birth to the structuring of Her Majesty's Government along that very framework used the idea.  1995-2001 to sustain family and afford law studies Shebah III worked in trade until the start of the function. Opening in 2000 the first European office.


The Queen studied Business and Law at that time worked menial jobs among the people, building the agenda structure based on the people needs as self-experienced in action. Refusing to depend on family or Kingdoms already in need and to facilitate the hours and timezone difference for responsibility and needs the Queen went out and worked in farming picking apples as farmworker to packing fish in the factories, to sales of farm products and over dry goods by car building to building in the morning and afternoon at desk seeing to responsibilities, At nights to the factory to work to pay first staff. Serving supplies from potatoes to large stocks of eggs and all to inner shipping lines supplies stations with a small team, personally food supplies for families onboard. Alongside working at that high profile IT Firm, to pay for study in Law, and see to the Children. 


From its start in 2000 the Nubian secretariat that attempts to put in place a trade structure to support the economy and change the area's of weak infrastructure and corruption.  Shebah III changed course into ICT which gave a far greater overview, minimise room for corruption, placed policy and appointed international teams alongside Africa internal in a trial phase during phase cut cost tremendously and 24 hours potential to address all matters globally regardless of location.


By 2016 the infrastructure draft model was prepared ARK.and it program, sites designs and concept by the Queen directly prepared. The 16 years journey introducing the idea and uniting the lines in support experiences, strength, weak area and all are hoped to be the focus of presentation on the road to success of the SDGS programs as an ongoing program by ARK as critical part of 2017 Program launch 55 Nations Localised Program to expand AKF-FOS Inter-Nation Kingdom's Trade and Commerce AKEDC Trade Centers of the Federation, alongside the waiting 55 Nations Kingdoms  ICT Platforms  prepared. At the start of Phase 9 of the Queen's agenda planning the Federation expanded its UNSDGS Partnerships firstly around planned Summits.


In 2016 after the application of its Head of Organisation the Queen Of Sheba, Shebah III the Federation was APPROVED in the DESA CSO registry with no UN affiliation but with the ability to apply for ECOSOC Status.  The Queen will be integrating the agenda with plans to educate on the program further as the primary goal and immediate start of its application as tet trials towards a final concept model structure. or refining of the work and creation of our Queen, the ARK eHead-Quarters and implementation of PVIIP SDGS ICT e-support Structuring internal.


Vice Chairman AFRICA-AFFAIRS AACID-Arab-African Council For Integration and Development. Africa Affairs House Of Sheba MENA

In her Family internal capacity,  Queen Shebah III is the Royal Family Head of Development & Investment Affairs of the Nubian Crown Royal Family ancestral inherited Gold, Minerals & Oil Lands in Uganda.


Her Majesty, alongside her responsibilities as Queen and Matriarch of the Nubian Sheba Throne of the Nubian Queen, is the Crown Special-Advisor to His Royal Majesty the Nubian King Sheikh Adam Sebbi Thabit Kasambu ‘Ra II.     


Alongside Family Africa/Caribbean external Estates further development and Expansion.  Her Majesty, responsibilities as Queen and Matriarch of the Nubian Sheba Throne of the Nubian Queen, is the Head of the NKN African Continent & Vice-regalty Supreme Council of Thrones and Royal Houses.


In Her Throne responsibilities capacity, she is the Head of the Nubian Kingdoms & Chiefdoms Royal Central Government as the Throne’s Imperial Matriarch of the Nubian Family House, and as the Nubian Queen and member of the ARK-African Royal Kingdoms Nubian Nation Supreme Council of Thrones.


  • Throne Head Nubian Kingdoms Royal Government

  • Throne Head Nubian Kingdoms dual Federations

  • Nubia-Sheba Throne Of Thrones Imperial Matriarch

  • Overall Family Head of the Ruling Asasi VIIth Throne Family Houses of the Ruling Nubia-Sheba Sovereign Imperial House of 'Ra Asere-Asasi Kpakpatswe Kasambu 'Ra Imperial House of the East - West

  • Queen Of the East-African Nubian Kingdoms Nation 

  • Queen Of the West-African Kingdoms of Pinango & Abron - WA

  • Queen Of the Nubian KasAmbu Nation

  • Grand-Matriarch of Gomoa Akyemfo


Formal Royal House Integrated Portfolio Capacity:


Her Majesty is the Chairwoman of the African Kingdoms Economical Development Commission leadership Board Of Trustees responsible for the Continent 55 African Nations Kingdoms Development support financing.  Her Majesty is a member of the Women Leaders of IWPG and signee of the HWPL and IWPG World Peace Summit WPI Agreements, in South-Korea 2015. and support Patron of UNAGA.


Her Majesty’s Official Humanitarian Portfolio is in great part within the Royal Houses dual Federations owned eHead-Quarters: the ‘’Queen Shebah III Arc of Nubia’’ and its internal Private Social-Network of the Royal House.


This forms an important bridge and platform toward Africa’s internal Primary agenda PVIIP, and its 257 World-(including Kingdoms Nations) pilot Program, towards the program self-financing of PVIIP and One In Light (O.I.L.). 



Shebah III

   The Queen Of Sheba

       Nubian Royal Kingdom Nation Queendom Throne 

She conducts her affairs each day working, being blessed with a truly wonderful internal Arcadian Community, functioning in Unity of Purpose and with an incredible focus which leads to progress on the road to economic change and active poverty eradication. By utilizing financial empowerment self-help programs, and with a special focus towards Youth, they excel, and thus too, all of their and our communities worldwide and our neighbors of the Kingdoms dual Federations, AKF-FOS, of the ARK Nubian Kingdoms: Arc Of Nubia Internal Community.


Further Interest: 


Sociology, Psychology, Law, Military, Air-force, Navy, Aviation, Humanity Past/Present Technology developments/application, History, Languages, Theatre, Ballet, Opera, Classical music, Traditional & Indigenous Africa, Caribbean, Americas, All-Asia, Indigenous Art, Indigenous Cultural Activities, Indigenous Crafts,


Private Time with Family: Gardening, Painting, Nature walks, time-out in the Mountains, quiet time with the Sea, time-out with pet Belgian-Sheppard Nalla, enjoying time with Grand-Children.



Prepared this day, July 2 2015.

Crown Waset Sir Ajani Adofo I.

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