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AAIIC Conference Sharm El-Sheikh, from 2-7 May 2018.

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Under the directives of his presidency Mister Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, president of the Arab Republic of Egypt, in support of the investment movement in Egypt; the Arab-African Council for Integration and Development decided to hold the first international conference; to launch a new investment phase with no inhibitions. To broaden the future horizons and contribute to enhancing the Egyptian economy. Also, the council has been founded for the sole purpose of supporting all that helps in the revival of Egypt and the Arab world. As well as Africa; to meet the aspirations of people, to flourish and keep up with the fast development in the world all around us.

—Africa is distinguished from other continents by wealth, and labor force, but lacks training, and all investors and businessmen look to grasp opportunities to invest within the African continent, especially Egypt. And with that notion, attention was reverted to the importance of holding an international conference titled “ the Arab-African International investment conference, for business men and women.” which to be held in the city of beauty enchantment and peace, Sharm El-Sheikh, from 2-7 may 2018.

—The conference will include a number of investment opportunities available in Egypt and the participating countries in accordance with the needs and laws of each country, as well as working to raise production efficiency through effective participation and listening to experts during the various sessions of the conference...more

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