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His Excellency the Minister for Tourism of Yemen, visiting the African Arab Council for integration


The Chairman of the Arab-African Council for Integration and Development, Ambassador Imad Tariq al-Janabi, received today Yemeni Minister of Tourism Dr. Mohammed Abdul Majid Qabati as part of the joint cooperation between the Council and the Arab Ministers of Tourism.

It was agreed with AACID to work on a joint cooperation protocol that serves the Republic of Yemen and other countries. The meeting was attended by Mr. Jamal Mohsen Mohammed, Executive Director of the Tourism Promotion Board in the Republic of Yemen, Dr. Imad El-Din Mahmoud, Vice President of the Council, Mr. Ahmed Yousef, Head of Media and Public Relations, Dr. Hamada Saleh, Chairman of the Administrative Committee, Dr. Mahmoud Mustafa, Chairman of the Investment Committee. Engineer Mohammed Fawzi, Chairman of the Committee on Information and Technology, Dr. Karima Al-Najjar, Advisor Shaima Rifai and Media Professor Mohammed Farid.

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