Ambassador Al-Alshammari confirmed the intention of the Arab kingdom of Saudi Arabia to open up the

2017 Closing Events highlights: The Saudi Ambassador in Iraq during his reception by Ambassador Emad Tariq Janabi / new prospects for cooperation with Iraq in various areas, most important to the economic side. """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""" In the vocabulary of the work programme for the work of Ambassador Emad Tariq Al-Janabi in Baghdad, the capital of the republic of Iraq, His lordship was visiting the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia in Baghdad His Excellency Ambassador Abdelaziz Bin Khalid Al-Alshammari, where he was briefed on the nature of work and Activities of the African Arab Council for integration and development and achievements in economic, culture and cultural development and the most prominent conferences held in many Arab and African countries and future projects that were hoped will be for the Arab Kingdom Saudi Arabia's contributions to its stowing and success.

His Excellency, the government of the kingdom and the institutions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, had been pleased to support the council, and its various.activities. During the meeting, Ambassador Al-Alshammari confirmed the intention of the Arab Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to open up the prospects for fruitful and effective cooperation with Iraq in various fields, particularly the economic side, as the kingdom and the guidance of the custodian of the two holy mosques.

His Majesty King Salman Bin Abdul His Royal Highness, His Royal Highness Mohammed Bin Salman, will step up his pioneering steps in cooperation and coordination with the Iraqi government to start a new phase in strong fraternal relations, and the Queen will have the leading role in supporting the plans of the Iraqi government and in various areas.

His Excellency the Saudi Ambassador in Iraq added that the Kingdom would participate actively and important in the Baghdad International Fair through the participation of its discreet companies in the exhibition with a very large number of support to the Iraqi economy. As well as agreements in the area of economic cooperation and investment, and the revitalization of both countries to have opened direct air lines not only by the Baghdad International Airport but by the airports of Najaf and international lines. In his speech with Ambassador Emad Janabi, he stressed that the competent authorities in the kingdom would do the land lines between the two countries and develop land border crossings to stimulate trade between the kingdom and Iraq. His Excellency the Saudi Ambassador in Iraq also stressed that the kingdom would have a significant contribution to the reconstruction of the terrorist attacks in Iraqi cities and to support the government's activities in achieving the ultimate victory over terrorism.

On the margins of the meeting, the Ambassador welcomed the proposal of the African Arab Council for integration and development to establish an international investment conference in which the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Republic of Iraq and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would co-host the Kingdoms.

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