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International cooperation protocol between the University of Beni Suef and the African Arab Council


Dr. Mohamed Mansour Hassan Ahmed Hassan and Ambassador Imad Tariq Al Janabi, Chairman of the Arab African Council for Integration and Development (AACID). The university is a house of expertise, including scientists and experts in many disciplines.

In the presence of Dr. Mohamed Talha, And Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim, Advisor to the President of the Council for training and some members of the Arab African Council for Integration and Development, it was agreed the role of the Council through the system of international relations to conclude agreements of cooperation and twinning between the University of Beni Suef and international universities to serve the scientific and educational system and all international organizations.

It was agreed between the Arab-African Council for Integration and Development with the University of Beni Suef to sign a protocol for scientific, cultural and training cooperation and all the common aspects including:

1. Cooperation in the field of joint scientific research in all disciplines that support researchers and serve scientific research and evaluation of research provided by the researchers working in the Arab African Council for Integration and Development and help in publishing them in local and international scientific journals and participate in the preparation and organization of seminars, conferences, seminars and training that support research and educational purposes And media for both parties.

2. The University works to support the Council to achieve its developmental goals through its support of studies that serve the presentation, analysis and statistics of various economic and developmental issues related to the Arab and African affairs.

3. The Council shall organize the advanced and necessary training courses in the field of human and administrative development in order to raise the skill and performance capacities of the various groups and educational and administrative cadres by adopting joint certificates in addition to the international allocations.

4. The Council organizes training programs under the supervision of the University in various fields through cooperation with the training centers cooperating with the institutions of the Council, namely the American University of Professional Studies (AUPS), the only digital university accredited by UNESCO - the American Board of Quality, Science and Technology (ABQST) And the adoption and extraction of these certificates at an international level.

5. The University will provide full support to all possible support to achieve the goals of the University Gate initiative, as follows: First: To grant priority and facilities for the admission of students from Arab and African countries and candidates by the Council to study at the university level or who wish to complete postgraduate studies at various levels or to transfer from one study stage to another at Beni Suef University in order to complete the requirements for obtaining a university degree in its field of specialization. The necessary clearing-house procedures.

Second: The University provides periodic scholarships to international students wishing to complete their university and postgraduate studies, which are offered through the Council.

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