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One on One Meeting Session with United Nations General Assembly - H.E. Miroslav Lajcak

2017 Crown Prime Chancellor H.E Sir T. Pettiford and Excellency HRH Henry Koenho Kim Imperial Council Chairman attended One on One Meeting Session with of the United Nations General Assembly - H.E. Miroslav Lajcak

Every Thursday His Excellency the President of UN General Assembly hosts a one on one dialogue with NGO community in support of three pillars/principles for successful attainment of developmental goals:

1 People 2 Outcomes 3 Balance

He identified three priorities while he serves as President of UN General Assembly which he explained must take place if we are to realize sustainability across SDG's. Those priorities are:

1. Peace - Prevention of WAR - consistent with UN Mandate He reasoned that peace will be impacted by how well we use the tools of diplomacy and are able to talk about what is missing or preventing the amicable resolution to a conflict. Participatory Civil Society was reminded of the event of GA Session on Sustaining Peace and Prevention - April 2018.

2. Migration - Global Compact - H.E. gave an update on the process and the current phase of Intergovernmental Negotiations for the Compact. He pointed out that the process needs a framework - which must be global- with Multi-stakeholder debates to include inputs from Civil Society Organizations

3. Sustainable Developmental Goals - His Excellency emphasized the importance of SDG #6: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. Also, he urged the civil society participants to consider "how to make SDG commercially attractive".

In a candid moment he spoke a matter of factly on SDG transforming the planet - but needs help monitoring progress - though stakeholders are underperforming - he stated: "at the current pace and budget we will not make 2030 deadline". Hopeful that young people involved could help SDG messaging, he promised his approach will consist Plain language clear messages - less formal opportunity.

Also, he urged stakeholders engaging young people to listen to what they have to say as perception is everything. Every Thursday his office will host these One On One sessions. In an invitation to make his office accessible to Civil Society he encouraged CSO community to Contact his Aide Nikoli with questions.

Report: H.E CPC Sir Taft T. Pettiford.

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