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ISEA Chr. Speech, 4th Aortic blockchain of Industrial Relations and the United Nations

2017-10-12 15:39

4th Aortic blockchain of Industrial Relations and the United Nations

in October 2017, May 12 Library of Congress

Press Release


I am Chairman of the ISEA Foundation. This is the eighth time that the Foundation has been honoring life with the title of Servant Leadership and doing it at the National Assembly. I am particularly grateful to the UN Special Advisory Body for introducing the United Nations activities together and for introducing the block-chain financing that we intensively try with the United Nations.

Most of them put forth the Fourth Industrial Revolution as Internet, 3D printing, drones, augmented reality, etc. However, our Foundation has clearly recognized that there is a financial revolution that has not happened in the first, second and third. I could do it. As the blockchain revolution has begun, laws are being created in each country rather than being created, but due to the nature of the block chain, it will become a public ledger and will not catch up with the laws supported by the law. Because the characteristics of the public records that are distributed to the blocks are their own characteristics that cannot be failed, the block chain finance will eventually take its place, and the laws will be formulated rather after the block chain.

If a balloon is punctured, the block-chain technology will escape to a place where there is a benevolent law as if the wind is blowing into the hole, and the blessings and benefits will be there.

One of the reasons why the founder of Bitcoin wrote the alias "Satoshi" and hid himself and started the bit coin was probably his intention to make this feature successful.

In reality, it is unexpected for the delegates to attend when we came up with the idea of policy and application systems and functions to be used as the key currency of all virtual money, I got support. For the purpose of the preliminary check, only the representatives who attended the conference for several times explained the official language of the United Nations in English only, but only one person who does not know English would take it and take a look at it and sign it. You did not reject. And a few months later, we are finally able to announce our plans with the right to release and to appoint high-level Technical Finance Commissioners for Moby Dollar as representatives of the United Nations.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to former Minister of Foreign Affairs Yoon Chung - sang for the opening remarks, Mr. Kwon Oh for the opening remarks, Unbong Co-President and Queen Shebah III ISEA UN-HLFTC Chairman and HSIO President of the International Organization for Humanity's survival.

Dr. Kim Tae-young, who was the first president of Korea Association to Prevent Suicide for Respecting Life with the ISEA Foundation and its affiliates until today, Dr. Oh Se-young, who leads the International Organization for Humanitarian Sustainability, Thank you to all the heads of state and the lecturers who are leading the prevention of suicide in respect of life and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you who participated in this particular place.

I would also like to thank the members of the Sustainable Development Committee and the Chairman of the Social Development Commission Mr. Kang Yosef and the members of the Foundation for their support and service.

Finally, I am deeply grateful that the reporters even though they had a bad review and distorted editorials on the foundation, We look forward to the opportunity to express our sincerity to the extent permitted by law in the future.

I would appreciate it if you would like to make a good rumor that our block chain financing will be used as a common currency worldwide by UN agencies and that the global talent and the necessary international technicians to join us will voluntarily join.

Today, as the Republic of Korea becomes a world leader with the culture and high technology that is called "Korean Wave", I hope to become a world leader in finance. I hope that you will realize the happiness of the citizens of the United Nations, I sincerely welcome you to be happy as you have participated as a frontier of the financial sovereignty commonality guaranteeing the survival human rights of future world millennial descendants.

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