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Kingdoms Palace News

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ISEA Foundation Mobi Dollar System was presented at National Assembly Library, Republic of Korea

ISEA MOBI and African Kingdoms Alliance presentation before Korean Officials

The Blockchain Financial system, which was announced in the UN as Mobi Dollar system, was successful in further progress at the Library of National Assembly in the Rep. of Korea on October 12th at 2pm. It was supported by the ISEA Foundation.

Especially in today’s contents, was central the political aspects and opportunity, since ISEA also announced the supporting signature of the UN.

One distinguishing policy is that it was introduced as a system which was different to Bitcoin and Ethereum. When someone loses their password, or lose the equipment which is saving their blockchain for Bitcoin or Etherium, it is lost forever. However, in MobiDollar’s blockchain financial system programmed survival money, secures against such, which guarantees its survival and access as a human right. This solves the problem. Not only that, the foundation’s development team contacted global technicians, explained that since it is running as consortium type this solved the problem that a random company, or person, can personally develop the source of virtual currency. This is a system of public ownership which reflects the characteristic of blockchain.

According to the main subject, ‘role of this citizen to popularize financial sovereignty’, the policy of earth-productivity could be used, instead of the gold standard, and as a key currency of the virtual currencies. MobiDollar is an answer. Also, for a resolution for big fluctuation width of virtual currency, (which is the biggest problem that the creator of Ethereum agreed with), there will be a ‘High-Level Financial Technology Committee’’. Their role and how they will control the value was introduced, also, at the event.


The Foundation especially was supported by representatives of NGO, with open minds, because of the part which explains how this solves the world’s poverty in an automatic way. Many companies and nations are trying to solve this problem. Thus, they are supporting KeonHo Kim, the Chairman of the Board of ISEA, since he is doing this as public ownership through blockchain, in his plan to spread these through MSGnet (solidarity of cities which has popularity of more than 1 Million), with Queen Shebah III. The Queen has already successfully discussed with ISEA to interlock MobiDollar to *Project VII Phoenix for the Federation Kingdoms and Nations Community. This makes a policy that protects African resources.

The foundation announced that they are thinking about releasing the Mobi Dollar, with pre-sale, as a key Currency in America as Liberion, in which Wall Street has shown interest, and Korea has been in discussion for 2 years for certain positions for key currency. They are in meetings to confirm all the policies and will elect the further members of the High-Level Financial Technology Committee which will be announced, next February, through international news.

The Queen of Sheba was among the first appointed to the Global ‘High Level Financial Technology Committee’ for the World's MSGnet at the September 12th Wall Street Marriott High-Level events of the ISEA Foundation. *Planning is for the continent's simultaneous development agenda, and economic rise, which the Queen was working on for several years. Alongside that is the interactive support of the African Continent and Federation Member Nations community of the Arab-African Council for Integration and Development Community.


The African Kingdoms Federation Queen Shebah III, a member of ISEA Foundation, and President of the organisation HSIO, was one of the High-level keynote speakers, together with ISEA Chairman before Korean Parliament and Policymakers at the Assembly Library in Republic of Korea. Queen Shebah III is among the first appointees to ISEA ‘High Level Financial Technology Committee’ for World's MSGnet. The Queen has been appointed as the Throne-Chair of the ISEA High-Level Committee to see to the MSGnet integration and policy (Global Nations Cities of 1 Million plus Populations). This, alongside PVIIP an integral part of a presentation at the UN on October 6th and 12th and the Primary focus of the MOBI, in the start of development of the African Kingdoms regions as an integral part of the Alliance-Union Royals agenda.

The African Kingdoms Federation Throne-Head and Federation Imperial House Foundation-IHF Head-of-Organization primary focus was PVIIP-Project VII Phoenix, since 2000, worked on for the African Nations development support of the Federation. PVIIP is now linked to ISEA UN announced MobiDollar system. This strategically places the Federation Kingdoms Nations and South World regions central to development and the program global duplication, towards development, and eradicating world poverty, with the strategic implementation of the UN SDGS Agenda.(ARC Press)


Metropolis Servant-Leadership Governance Civil Network - Civil Society Based Autonomic Financial Policy Patch (CEFPP) -

In 2016, 54.5% of the world’s population lived in urban settlements. By 2030, urban areas are expected to accommodate 60% of the world’s population, and one in three will live in a city with at least half a million residents.

In 2016 an estimated 54.5 per cent of the world’s population lived in urban settlements. By 2030, urban areas are projected to house 60 per cent of people globally and one in every three people will live in cities with at least half a million inhabitants (Cited in the UN report). Non-government organizations (NGOs), such as the ISEA Foundation, believe that they have professional competencies, practical experience and flexibility that are of value to the UN. So, for the NGO’s that have gained the consultative status of ECOSOC through the non-government committee, the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations gives the NGOs the opportunity to listen to the world and contribute to the agenda of the United Nations.

In cooperation with 510 cites, we will promote world-peace, respect for life, abbreviation protection, servant leader development and discovery according to the purpose of the foundation so servant leadership will be advanced in each city’s fields.

  • The ISEA Foundation is allowed to adapt to the spirit and direction of the United Nations through international activities.

  • Provides direct expert analysis from on-site experience on the issue

  • Role as an early warning agency

  • Supervision and implementation of international agreements

  • Support public awareness on related issues

  • Main role in achieving UN goals and objectives

  • Contribution as important information in organization events

The ISEA Foundation, in Metropolis, 510 cities around the world, in order to realize the goal of permanent business according to the purpose of establishment of the foundation, namely the advancement of servant leadership. We will contribute to deliver and implement a governance strategy that is appropriate for the city.

As a result, the activities of the ISEA Foundation for Metropolitan Cities will be as follows:

  • Solidarity with well-know non-governmental organizations in each city

  • Prevention of human rights violations in accordance with the intent of the United Nations and international agreements in the city

  • Millennium supports development that hampers the prosperity of mankind and rules for healthy ideals and green environment

  • Servant leader volunteers and servant leaders Diverse culture of service by screening and awarding the winner of each field that achieved tangible results

  • The ISEA Foundation, in order to ensure that future generations will enjoy the status of stable human rights, the next generation of autonomous financial policy (CFP) will be applied to the turning point of the financial system in the current generation of the fourth revolution. We support patching financials. As result, the following projects will be conducted in parallel:

  • Supporting intercity networks where global citizenship and equal rights are recognized. Metropolis’ Smart ID implementation

  • Generalization activities for application of welfare policy and securing usefulness through block chain survival money

  • Organized and held an annual meeting for communication and governance among the world’s 510 metropolitan markets, bureaucrats and NGO representatives

We would like to organize a network of NGOs that are needed to effectively and proactively carry out the above activities around the world and to expand the protection of the socially underprivileged and the guarantee of basic human rights.

According to the United Nations report, there is a (56%) possibility that 1,692 cities with a population of 300,000 or more in 2014 will be exposed to at least one of several types of natural disasters: cyclones, floods, droughts, landslides and volcanic eruptions. It provides evidence that 944 natural disasters occurred in the late 20th century.

There are 1.4 billion people in 2014 in cities that are at high risk of exposure to natural disasters.

These evidences, * Taken together, provide the necessary information that shows cities facing high risk of exposure to a natural disasters.

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