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Kingdoms Palace News

aa4-1-8-Queen Of Sheba 2020-ARC CIO Banner AKF Official.png

Queen Shebah III Appointed President of HSIO, USA

ARCHIVE PICTURE Shebah III with Korean KTDF-WV Federation leadership Executives in 2014

The IHF Head the Queen of Sheba, H.I.M Empress Shebah Kasambu ‘Ra – Queen Shebah III, Nubia-Sheba African Continent Kingdoms Federation CSO Head-of-Organization, the Arab-African Nations AACID Vice-Chairman, has been appointed the President of HSIO Human Survival International Organization (the 5th UN Secretariat Establishment Committee Korean Peninsula).

HSIO, headquartered to 5th Avenue New York, USA, is a private non-profit public interest organization, working to be installed in the Fifth United Nations Secretariat on behalf of the Asian Peninsula, home to 60% of the world's population.

The Organization works to solve the problem of the Korean War, to gain Peace in the World. Normalizing inter-Korean relations through a trust-building process is the work of the Foundation of Human Survival International Organization. HSIO works with focus for the protection of people who live in fear from political issues between the South and North Korea and any threats to the environment on the Korean Peninsula.

The Foundation of Human Survival International Organization strives to manage peace and improve inter-Korean relations by building trust between Pyongyang and Seoul. In the short run, HSIO is attempting to attain peace on the Korean peninsula, while trying to normalize inter-Korean relations, and to achieve durable peace in the World in the medium-long run. HSIO has Accreditation with the United Nations DPI and UNDP, and Major Group Affiliation with UNFF, UN-NGO-Irene Newsletters and AKF NGO.

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