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Kingdoms Palace News

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Arab-African Nation Conference to Support Industry and Agriculture concluded in Egypt.

Arab-African Conference to Support Industry and Agriculture

concluded in Egypt.

The Arab-African Conference was opened under the patronage of Ambassador Emad Tareq Al-Janabi, Chairman of the Arab-African Council for Integration and Development, Vice-President of the African Kingdoms Federation Union, Dr. Emad El-Din Mahmoud, President of the World Economic Council for Trade and Investment, Dr. Ali El Masry, Chairman of the World Arab Economic Lobby, and Dr. Abeer Farah, Secretary General of the Economic Lobby.

In the presence of HE Dr. Ayman Fahim, former head of the Republican Guard, and a number of ambassadors, businessmen and personalities of Arab and international personalities. At the end of the conference, some international and Egyptian personalities were honored for their contribution in supporting the Arab and African economies. Which includes the Egypt-Nubia Sheba House lines, Queen of Sheba, the President of the African Kingdoms Union, that coordinates with all Arab and African Countries toward economic investments expansion and cooperation with Arab, and African investors.

The Queen is in Throne and family Houses of Sheba capacity, the Middle-East North-Africa, Arab Nations, and House of Sheba Eurasia Houses line highest representative on the African Continent of the Africa-Eurasia Ancient Lines Community and the Oldest Throne houses. Alongside ancestral Sheba Throne responsible for African Continent, and its descendaant lines Kingdoms and Nations of the ancestral Nubia-Sheba Mother Throne of Thrones, the Throne of Sheba. The South Federation Head the Queen of Sheba, House of Sheba family lines of the Arab Nations, and African Throne Nubian Nation ruling Seba/Sheba lines, was in September 2016 appointed the Vice-Chairman of the Arab-African Nations Supreme Council for Integration and Development-AACID, Egypt.

Egypt - China Trade Fair at its Fourth session

Ambassador Emad Tareq Al Janabi, Chairman of AACID, inaugurated the 4th China Trade Fair at the Conference Hall for Business, Importers and Traders.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Chinese Ambassador, the Diplomatic and Media Coordinator of the UN, Dr. Ali Al Masri, President of the World Economic Lobby, Dr. Ibrahim Farah, Secretary General of the Economic Lobby, Dr. Imad El Din Mahmoud, President of the World Economic Council for Investment and Trade, and a number of ambassadors and heads of foreign communities in Egypt. The exhibition continued until 28 August to encourage Egyptian-Chinese cooperation in all fields.The exhibition includes more than 500 companies in various fields such as spinning and weaving, furniture, clothing and accessories, leather, electrical appliances, housewares, construction materials, electronics, furniture.

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