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[Press release]

Title: MobiDollar, the Virtual Currency Acquired Appropriateness as Key Currency, has been Presented at United Nations HQ, New York. 


At the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, 1 August 2017, "Intergenerational Dialogues on the SDGs" was held, co-hosted by the DPI and the NGO / DPI Executive Committee. And during the conference, Block-Chain technology-based virtual currency has been presented as a key currency model in the 4th industrial revolution era.

 The reason is that the virtual currency, "MobiDollar" was able to be said on this day because of its methodology based on "the value of equivalent", which is the same principle that the dollar substitutes the gold standard. In other words, the total amount of MobiDollar is limited to the Earth's productivity that can provide for 12 billion people, called "Earth Productivity Equivalent Value". This issuing method has never been introduced on other virtual currency. Recently, Bitcoin or Ethereum have been considerably depreciated in value because they did not have concrete values-based methods. 


In addition, the fundamental goal of 'MobiDollar' is to apply auto-generated "Survival Money" system in order to practically target the first and second goals of the Sustainable Development Goals on 2030 Agenda; 'No Poverty' and 'No Hunger'. And it was designed in order for global citizens, the first generation (30 years) to restore their authority to the initiative, along with the UN's 2050 Vision. That's why we have public ownership of the currency. There was direct and potential support from the distinguished representatives of countries who attended on this issue. And other virtual currencies have tried to claim the name of the United Nations has lost their values, for example, a Chinese organization, WADCC, who issued its virtual currency and tried to cooperate with the UN on the 17th of January this year. In particular, furthermore, there is one more reason why MobiDollar received support from the distinguished representatives of the United Nations. By assigning the authority to control and management of 'Survival Money', which is based on the conceptualized term, 'Survival Rights', to Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) on this 4th industrial and financial revolution era is given to the NGOs. Sovereignty and Representation of NGOs from the US and Lithuania, but also Nigeria in West Africa, Turkey in Southwest Asia and Europe in Europe supported MobiDollar and signed on the resolution of Survival Rights and Survival Money. 


As the conference was hosted by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ISI), the ISDA Foundation presented the "High-Level Financial Technology Committee" as the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Special Consultative Status for MobiDollar Insurance during Open-Ended Working Group on Aging on July 7th. Poverty issue was discussed during the morning session and technological innovation issue was discussed during the afternoon session.....MORE

IHF - ISEA ARC Mission 


The IMPERIAL HOUSE FOUNDATION-IHF with ISEA FOUNDATION (SCS NGO) mission is the application of our MobiDollar / MobiCoin Cryptocurrency back by Federation Kingdoms to create a wealth building mechanism for the IHF, utilizing the trans-kingdom network and Royal and indigenous organizations of the African Kingdoms Federation and Alliance-Union Member Nations Community. The purpose of using such a network is to build viable global infrastructure in which to conduct trade and commerce. This purpose is accomplished through bridging the digital divide via our Arc of Nubia. The Arc of Nubia is based on the primary PVIIP program of sustainable ICT infrastructure development and penetration.


Presently the Arc of Nubia’s flagship products and services are e-stores, virtual secretariat, Academy, educational MOOC via partner organizations offering. The competitive advantage of Arc of Nubia products and services is its 257 Crown chapters. A Crown chapter is established for each of the known nations on the planet. Thereafter one chapter per regional subdivision for a total of 5000 plus e-stores and Chapters. Plans for future development include material and technical support across major groups as well integration of NGO/CSO and IGO’s.




Regional CSO's and NGO's Operations Support Financing and Operations Facilitation Federation eHead-Quarters of IHF Union and Alliance Partners 'Queen Shebah III ARC Michael II' platform when launched, will ONLY be accessible to CSO's and NGO's that are QUALIFIED and APPROVED by the Federation within the hereunder categories: 


  • United Nations Registered NGO’s / CSO’s Collaborations.  

  • United Nations Registered NGO /CSO's  

  • Governmental Organizations  

  • Non-UN NGO/CSO Private Organizations will have restricted access and annual fees for use of Services and Facilities.



ISEA - IHF ARC Platforms


The IHF support platform ARC is are to facilitate collaboration with Civil Society Organizations. Our view is towards interactive Finance generation within every Nation and political subdivision; fully utilizing UN NGOMG CSO Community for agenda support, contribution and facilitation.



Additional Tools

eShops ARC platform internal eShops. (Concept to Franchised to Local Participating business and or regional as well planned). All CSO/NGO Shops regardless of its Nation or political subdivision will be operated by that CSO/NGO in support of that organization’s projects. Within Arc of Nubia approved organizations can:  


  • Oversee shops  

  • Train in shops

  • Build capacity within its sphere of influence 

  • Manage local support 

  • Use chapter as hub for organizing services   

  • Purchase media services and place ads  

  • Virtually host events nationally or internationally


Each organization can see to the full operations address included in the shops of their region that will have full overseeing accounting teams, Collaboration Support Training, The Federation Task-Force I Academy was in 2013 prepared for the training, preparation and orientation of the internal Arc Community to address the programs. The facilities that are in Arc are interlinked in all its Chapters, shops and our external sites, for the purpose of support to our Community. 



Infrastructure Purpose


It includes the online shops' Support and Localized Management in terms of Programs, and alongside it wide range of services includes a Books Publishing facility. This feature can be used to develop literature, book writing programs, educational and informational text, for production in the region, and in multiple languages. This way Civil Society Organizations can also use the national, regionals shops as services centres for their organizations work. Our Project is both financial based facilitation and Multi-Functional Platform. With internal Communities, Ambassadorial ARC Chapters prepared National, States, Cities, and Districts e-Secretariat and Chapter Branches with internal capacity for local facilitation of Small, Medium and Large Scale e-commerce and m-commerce. Therefore within our humble means, the structure of Arc is as interconnected as internet platforms and all can log in, work from and be informed. It means we will keep building and running our 1000s of shops and 1000s of offices or otherwise Cyber Real-Estate needed and its expansion towards funds generation. 


Within all Chapters and Shops are interlinked Communications Media for direct Live 24 Hours broadcasting. It means that our media programs as Community are aired throughout our massive network.



Sustainable Development


55 African Nations Urban & Rural Regions 2016 Start Sustainable Development Agenda as Priority Agenda direct. Federation QS-III ARC Services will be monetized for non-members. Ads are at present allowed strictly within the countries respective chapters. Our collaboration Media Facilities are monetized towards additional funds generation. All our Media including YouTube are monetized, alongside our Ustream and in all Chapters and Shops.


Therefore be it NGO’s or CSO’s to National Governments that may wish to use the platforms for Crisis Organization to reach the Community directed in Organize collective, can. Therefore NGO’s and CSO’s Community allowed the opportunity to use our services have a very wide reach, and literally immediately global aired in every nook and cranny by its Chapters under its National Chapters of the nation by its people of the Community.


That can as well be expanded upon by the internal collaborators' programs that we can facilitate because we believe the work of so many years in prepare will serve its purpose well. There are many a possibility within. We are not the giants we are small, yet we are a community in each Chapter, each shop so in all UN Nations, Indigenous, and outs, which is a powerful tool and too our advantage work as NGO’s and CSO’s advantage: 510 MGSnet Chapters all with their network already in each and auto programmed from HQ and in all Regional internal Chapters and Shops means our transmission is Planetary.





There are several opportunities for ICT infrastructure development. Many nations in the international community have created or are creating policy, to facilitate ICT development in general. Additionally. there are intergovernmental organizations and public-private partnerships implementing development initiatives in the sector. As an integral part of development ICT infrastructure design will enable developing and LDC to leverage ICT in furtherance of development goals. The legislative and policy changes within many of these nations facilitate ICT sector growth.


For example in NEPAD Common African Position (CAP) on post-2015 Development Goals: Heads of State and Government of the African Union-Pillar


(i) structural economic transformation;

(ii) science, technology, and innovation

(iii) people-centred development

(vi) Finance and Partnerships;


NEPADs Agenda 2063-A Call to Action 67 a., b., c. and f.-which call for the mobilization of resources and commitments in key areas of development-Including ICT networks and infrastructure. 


We welcome your support and collaborations to see this achieved. 






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