African KINGDOMS Unification under The Africa Continent


Throne Of Sheba


NUBIAN NATION Ruling Throne Of Sheba, THE Mother Throne Of AFRICA


Throne of Sheba Decreed of Unification is Countersigned, ending tensions and opening start of Federation AKF-FOS-AACID Arab-African Nations Development Agenda start. Shebah III the Continent's Federation AKF-FOS Head and the Queen of the Nubian Sheba Throne is the Vice President Of The Arab-African Council for Integration And Development Affairs, Africa. With the Unification of the Kingdoms after nine years internal dispute brought to a close by Imperial decree of the Sheba Throne, the Kingdoms Federation Programs can go in the start as a united body led by the Federation Head the Continents House of Sheba North-African House Throne line Queen.



Imperial Office Statement

Federation Imperial Office Of the Supreme Council and Crown Viceroy of Chieftaincy Affairs 

At Her Majesty Service


The House of Sheba (AKF-FOS) headed by Her Imperial Majesty Empress Shebah III ‘Ra has the pleasure to confirm the signing of a historic unification agreement dated November 16, 2016 between The House of Sheba and The United Kingdoms of Africa (UKA) represented by Prime Chancellor H.R.H Honore Jean Dahouet. Ending a since 2007/8 issue that expanded globally 9 years ago that was of a House internal Kingdoms lines conflict with Chieftaincy that went out of hand in social media leading too attacks against the North-African House of Sheba lines Queen lead African Kingdoms Federation established in 2000.


The Federation was in conflict with the later formed organisations in the Qaddafi era that ignited high tension within the Kingdoms Community. Alongside already kingdoms bloodlines conflicts with elected by government Chiefs further ignited by the 2009 appointment of the Libyan Leader as ing that was not approved and not the authority of any present to do. The Decree has, now brought to a close the conflict by the Continent Kingdoms Imperial House Sheba Throne Line, and cease and desist pending strong legal actions from the House of if any persist and fake sites and information online not cleaned up by the all on files compiled noted behind these sites igniting tensions. 


Decree 16.11.2016 signed returned 17.11.2016 signed Acceptation by the Queen Certificate of Confirmation of appointment of Crown Viceroy

CPM Taft T. Pattiford - Diaspora Affairs Throne UN Repr.

CPM Nmaa Ahmed - ECOWAS Kingdoms Throne UN Repr.

House Of Sheba Arab-League & Africa Arab-African Family Nations Arab-African Supreme Council President H.E Amb. Emad Tareq Al-Janabi - AKF-FOS Vice-President Executive Board, and  H.E Sheikha Nawal Al Hamoud Al-Sabah - Arab League Assistant Secretary-General, with Members Of Council

Her Majesty's Crown Government - As Throne of Sheba includes House Of SHEBA expanded Supreme Council of Throne, Vice-President of the Executives, International advisories and Arab-African Nations active integrated support with addition of House of SHEBA related Arab League, Arab-African lines, AACID, and House Of Sheba Ruling Kasambu 'Ra House Crown Family ancestral lines and Birth region Community, Family Nations and its extended Family Lines, as a unified House of Sheba, in support of Family Kingdoms  & Nation Arab-African Council AACID Vice-President for Africa-Affairs, the Queen Of Sheba. 



Inner Africa Kingdoms - Alongside a special African inner Kingdom's Cabinet of the Federation lead by a Crown-appointed Crown Prime Ministers for the affairs of the Cabinet of Paramount Kingdoms Thrones, as nominated by the Queen of Sheba. They address the affairs of the Paramount Thrones; continent internal National Associations, for the implementation of the Crown Affairs, Decrees, laws and edicts of the Throne Matriarch Imperial Government of the Throne that covers the Continent Kingdoms. 


Inner Africa Chiefdoms - This agenda is supported by the Crown Viceroy of Chieftaincies Affairs which is an integral part of the Cabinet of Crown Royal Family responsible for the implementing the Supreme Councils given portfolios. This includes the planning and responsibilities for the Chieftaincies internal Communities within the Federation Agenda (4) Continental Regions of portfolio parameters of the Imperial Commands of the Supreme Council as Commanded by the Throne of Sheba. 


Chiefdoms Affairs Viceroy - Royal family member H.E Honore Jean Dahouet,  has with great honor accepted this Royal appointment Signed on November 17 2016, as Decreed by The Throne of Sheba Head of Federations in dual capacity as Arab-African Supreme Council Vice-President of AACID, headquarters to Egypt.  


With the signing by the Queen Of Sheba personally the impasse between the Bloodlines Kings of Thrones and Chieftaincies of the thrones Chiefdom was made ended the Head of AKF-FOS the QUEEN of SHEBA. when the Kingdoms most Paramount Throne the Mother Throne the THRONE Of SHEBA signed for the Paramount Thrones BY the Queen Of Sheba in the capacity as Throne and Federation Head of AKF-FOS


And: - Co-Signed in agree by the Chiefdoms United Kingdoms Of Africa, Chieftaincy Forum and Traditional Rulers of Africa Representative the H.E the Prime CHANCELLOR HRH Nanan Honore DAHOUET at the Palace, Cote d'Ivoire(RCI/Ivory Coast 16.11.2016.


End Impasse - To see that unity secured a worldwide cease and desist was put in place and legal repercussions shall be pursued without fair or favor to any, and ongoing active investigation into all behind the fake sites online created over 9 years with aim to cause harm, to the name and integrity of the AKF-FOS aim at its Ruling Head, the Queen Of Sheba.

As throne traditions a new Crown is to be Coronated by the Kingdom and formal Public Outdooring Coronation function in 2017 cancelled by the Queen annually since 2000 until Unity of the Kingdoms was at its foundation. It is is not yet confirmed where the Royal function will be held, and who will be designing the new Crown. However His Excellency the Chieftaincy Affairs Viceroy Her Majesty's cousin has informed all such will be informed from the Palace Office in Yamoussoukro in due course, after consultation with House Of Sheba Throne Representatives Egypt. (Press Secretary AKF-FOS)

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                                                    The Queen Of Sheba



  Shebah III during South-Korea visit 2014

Supreme Council Chairman His Excellency Emad Tariq Al Janabi   (3-L)

House of Sheba 


Egypt 19.11.2016 - Signing Arab League Arab-African Nations AACID Supreme Council Chairman His Excellency Emad Tareq Al-Janabi of the Supreme Body of Elders and Board EGYPT, Vice-President of AKF-FOS Executive Board places Seal.

House Of Sheba/Seba Throne Of SHEBA Family Community


House Of Sheba Arab-League & Africa Arab-African Family Nations Arab-African Supreme Council President H.E Amb. Emad Tareq Al-Janabi - Vice-President AKF-FOS Executive Board, Arab League Assistant Secretary-GeneraH.E Sheikha Nawal Al Hamoud Al-Sabah with Members of the AACID Supreme Council the Vice-President Queen Shebah III responsible for Africa Affairs will be opening with Supreme Council President. 


House Of Sheba Royal Arab-League & Africa Arab-African Family Nations Supreme Council AACID African-Affairs Vice-President. Head-Of-Organisation to the AKF-FOS  Federation Head of the House Of Sheba Arab-African Nations related Family Community Throne of Sheba AKF-FOS African Kingdoms Federation - Federation of the South Throne Of Sheba, Queen SHEBAH III the Egypt-Nubian House of Sheba ruling family House of Sheba. 

House Of Sheba Family Nation ARAB-AFRICAN Lines Sheba Throne-Head


Ruling Matriarchal Throne Of SHEBA Crown Government Head-Of-State


Throne Of SHEBA Nubian Kingdoms Nation Crown Government Supreme Council Of Thrones

 The Throne Of SHEBA

Nubia-Sheba/Seba Kingdoms Crown Government Supreme Council Of Thrones 


Nov.19th 2016 by Continent Kingdoms Unification & countersigning of Decree by the Arab - African Nations Supreme Council on unity with the African Kingdoms in support of Throne Head and Arab-African Council Vice-President Shebah III of African-Affairs on the Supreme Council as a start towards Integration and Development of the Continent. The Throne Of SHEBA(Seba) after 2000 unification start, 2007 Summit and 2016 Decree countersigned stands as the Mother Throne Of Thrones of The African Continent Kingdoms Nation and its Throne Government.

UKA-Traditional Rulers-Forum

AKF-FOS Crown Chieftaincy Affairs Advisory Council 

With Respect before our Crown Government Supreme Council Of Thrones in Honor of Our Mother Throne Of Thrones, our Throne Of SHEBA and Kingdoms Continental Crown Government Chieftaincy Affairs Viceroy. 


Supreme Council Of Thrones

& Family Houses Cabinet

Nubian Kingdoms Nations Supreme Council Of Thrones and Royal Houses Chairman HRM King Quartey II Special address to TRINIDAD & TOBAGO at UN New York, HUMANITARIAN Global Dignitaries Officials Awards 19 June 2014.
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