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The Queen Shebah III Arc of Nubia  Africa and all of the AKF-FOS have the closest ancestral common-shared history on our planet and the purpose is to see that reflected in a unified World, in start with a unified purpose and shared objective of support of the Federation Project VII Phoenix agenda long-term development and construction realization needs.   The Arc Of Nubia Command Chapter responsible for the Global Management of the AKF Federation PVIIP Agenda Realisation and the Queen Shebah III Arc Of Nubia Command Chapter OIL – One In Light’’ 257 Nations of including all the UN and Indigenous Nations which is the direct throne project of the Queen and Throne Head of AKF-FOS is under FOS Leadership formed by the Lines South lines Family Community, and AKF Leadership formed by South lines African Continent 55 Nations Royal KINGDOMS Community Sheba Throne descendent Nations and Branches. The Arc itself is of the Crown Royal Government, at present it is in internal preparation for start and screening and expanding of support organizations of and Governments of the House Regions that may wish to actively support and participate in the realization of the programs and further expansion of the possibilities on the massive platform, turnkey ready, at present, shared purpose. The projects includes the Chapters Arcadians Annual Royal Games & Tournaments of the Earth wide Chapters locally all interlinked with the Arc Command Chapter.   These special Games and Tournaments events differ from all present with a revert to that of modernized version of ancestral style Tournaments in full traditional regalia of the participating Nations ancestry, customs, cultural style and heritage, to coincide with the Federations Annual Summits and participation opened to the Chapters of highest achievement as Communities, to realize the Arc Agenda Our Arc is comprised of the African Kingdoms Federation- AKF whose Primary agendas is PVIIP Africa Internal, and dual Federation of The South-FOS lines House Of Sheba Dual (AKF-FOS) Federations of the Latin & South-Americas Royal Family Ruling Bloodlines related birth Nations Regions and Territories of birth ancestry of the Sheba Throne Head. The Kasambu ‘Ra House lines crisscross all 5 Continent, and direct lines of 3, covers in short the World. The Queen Shebah III Africa / Asia/ Americas Royal Community- eHead-Quarters ARC is the online Royal International Mission Operation Social-Platform and Operations Central Command of the AKF-FOS Royal Kingdoms Federation.  Whereas the AKF is within Africa Nubian nation’s internal lines decades old its active reform from internal secret royal federation’s society too post-colonial visible activities 1976 with OAU formation, and 1999 in step with that of formation of the AU 1999 draft later ratified and established during 2000/2.  Simultaneous the Queen of Sheba saw revised the Federation traditional dormant status under it society protocol to that of open, therefore visible outside of Africa from that period.   The Kingdoms Community Federation and Families over 700 House were integrated as a CSO in 2000, 2002 its NGO, which was Incorporated in 2004, and expanded further in 2007,  2009 established its international Head-Quarters Queen Shebah III Arc of Nubia and internal all 193 UN Nations respective Arc Chapters, further expanded to integrate over 110 Indigenous Nations. 2012 to present 193 plus Nations Internal districts and States Chapters preparation, that totals at present over 257 Nations. 2012 – 2016. The Chapters Internal structure allows the facilitation within the Arc Chapters of the respective Community, for Micro, Small Medium, Large Businesses to participate in building the Arc of Nubia, internal Online Market Community. A Chamber of Commerce Registration is planned of the Arc Internal Platform Community, and special entrance screening passports once launch ready.  The Arc has further its Federation interlink Social Community facilities for the internal Community and within all Chapters and Shops its interlink Federation Ustream Network, Federation YouTube LiveStream and Radio Network Integrated for 24 hours programs too all Chapters and from all Chapters. The platform includes its internal banking facilities, and the Federation as well saw in 2008 the establishments of its own bank to see to the correct uses of their lands resources re-generation of funds towards development.  The dual federations supports the AKF-FOS Nations development agenda – named Project VII Phoenix of the Federations Royal NGO the AKF Imperial House Foundation, that in 2009 was expanded with FOS which is a CSO formed by the Federation Kingdoms internal Population Community Africa, and the Family Houses Ruling House lines of the Americas South. To facilitate the proper organization and training of leadership and support, Arc established a Federation Academy that is interlinked to all Chapters and overseer training and all there related, as objective plans.  A Knights Order of Sheba open to selected organization to be approved by FOS Leadership of the Queens Crown Council. With these aims; global economic stability, social empowerment, poverty eradication, cultural respect, harmony and unity, for the interactive social-cultural realization of Earth Nations unification, as One Nation and Family. The Arc of Nubia, in reflection of that ancestral heritage, is the Royal Kingdoms community social gathering place for all people, of all nations, in support of the AKF-FOS Kingdoms Federation global agenda of the eradication of poverty and relief from suffering across the globe. The Arc internal Command leadership support Partnerships includes the International Templar Titans Inc., World Film Institute, African Union-AFR leadership, Africa, being the ancestral birth cradle of all the World Nations people, including the entire AKF-FOS, is the oldest of the descendent Nation Eve's Birth Cradle. The FOS is the larger South Ruling House Foundations that covers Africa and all Nations outside of Africa, whilst its dual AKF is formed by the 55 Trans-African Nations Royal Kingdoms and Chiefdoms Sovereign lands/Nations within the African Union Nations and covers Africa internally specifically.   Trinidad & Tobago, the twin Islands and Venezuela are formally recognized as extended Royal family lines Kas Amsu Bloodlines of the Gulf of Paria Nations Kasambu ‘Ra House Family. And, the adjoining Continent, indigenous collective First Nations of the Caribbean Lands.  The present Ruling House lines of Sheba that are formally in terms of Americas is a Panyol (Latin American/Hispanic ethnic group, and South-American.  Trinidad the birth island is a Continental Island, it is an integral part of the North-American Continent SOUTH-American Sub-Continent South Neighbor of Africa. Panyols are specific of that region and Venezuela Amerindian Nation roots of the Island Nation once called ''Kairi'', and Conquerabia today known as Trinidad &Tobago(T&T), and still today live primary in  former Estate regions of Diego Martin, Paramin, Maraval, and St. Anns, the home and birth regions of both maternal and paternal lines of self-same closed community. . Her Imperial Majesty Empress Queen Shebah III was born on the Twin Island of Trinidad & Tobago, of three mighty cultures, Nubian & Latin Americas and Native Amerindian ancestral history, and both with equal respect are integrated in Throne activity of the Imperial Matriarch the Queen of Sheba, in capacity as FOS Head. She developed PVIIP, and it’s now precursor, O.I.L., over the course of 25 + years, with the intent to develop all 55 African Nations and the remaining World Nations as International Regional GLOBAL World Agenda. And, having that development duplicated simultaneously across the rest of our world, wherever poverty raises its ugly head. The Federation of the South-FOS, *formerly called the Third World Royal Kingdoms Federation (TWRKF), is a Royal Monarchical dual Federation of the African Kingdoms Federation-AKF. Collectively, they represent a vast multitude of Royal Houses, Chiefdoms and Kingdoms Thrones, and was opened to cover all Royal Houses, Nations, and Cultures of the South. The FOS primary purpose, focus and aim, is the duplication of the PVIIP (Project VII Phoenix) agenda for the development of the AKF-FOS - Asia regions, simultaneously with that of PVIIP activation and implementation in Africa and the Caricom/Americas. The FOS covers the global interests and will address the duplication of our AKF primary agenda, PVIIP development agenda, in the1000s of Chiefdoms throughout the AKF-FOS and Kingdoms of ancients, together with the dual South-world region Federation of the AKF which is an assemblage of the 100s of Kingdoms Houses of the massive African Kingdoms Federation-AKF within Africa and FOS, as a unified effort. The Arc of Nubia social community members have the opportunity to actively participate and/or support the agenda of the AKF-FOS Royal Kingdoms Federation initiatives, with our primary focus being the One In Light (O.I.L.) Project, which sprang forth from PVIIP development agenda, to jumpstart the worldwide effort. We have formed over 5,000 international Arc of Nubia Royal Chapters and Financing Chains within the global regions to promote these programs and activities. Of critical importance, the Royal Chapters address the support of localized development projects and programs within their respective world regions, developed for stabilization of their own economy. This includes within the DEVELOPED world regions growing economically challenged communities, and within the UNDER-DEVELOPED nations economically stagnated communities. Our purpose, the 'Economic Rise of the AKF-FOS Family Nation of the Earth', with this goal; the eradication of poverty in all forms within all AKF-FOS Projects Nations, and the stabilization and support of the developed nations employment security and jobs creation, which will lead to harmony and unity among peoples,  interlink by shared needs, bonds and social interest.

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