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HRM QUEEN MARY VII (above left accepting flowers.) The MOTHER of QUEEN SHEBAH III, The Queen of Sheba

Thereunder Family ancestors GROUP Pictured)







House Of Sheba ruling Kasambu 'Ra House- Federation Of The South 



The Queen of Sheba family lines is of the paternal and maternal side, an integral part of the Panyol/Payols ethnic community of Trinidad, the mainland of Trinidad and Tobago twin islands Nation State.  The major part of the House of Sheba family-lines in The Americas New World of the present Ruling Throne South-Americas House in Trinidad is formed from Iberian Peninsula bloodlines which include those from Portugal and France and in particular post-modern Spain Andalusians of Baetica, Hispania lines which form the majority.  


The family Houses as such Bloodlines includes, House of Abdul SHIBA, House of FELIX/ Félix, House of GEORGE, House of PIERRE, House of Abel EMMANUEL, House of Tomás/THOMAS, House of CASTILLE, House of LOUIS and so forth further ruling Matriarch and Crown Family lines of House of Kasambu 'RA (pronounced Kas AMBU ‘RA traditionally Kas amBU Rah present day).   The Panyols / the Español name is in reference to the community of Iberian Spanish ancestry, Andalusians.  The family shares also French and Portuguese ancestry, however, it is a majority Spanish ancestry over generations, and formally Hispanic/ MENA and as such, fall within both the Afrasian and Eurasian descendent community lines of The Americas.  The emigrated Iberian House lines, Spaniards lines to Puerto Rico and Venezuela was of migrated Iberian Eurasian MENA, Egypt, Yemeni, Phoenician and North-Africa ancestral Family.  


The Andalusians are a Spanish ethnic group that live in the southern region of Spain approximated by what is now called Andalusia.  Andalusians formed the major component of Spanish colonial immigration to certain parts of Spain's American and Asian empire and the largest group to participate in the colonisation of the Canary Islands. Principally, Andalusians and their descendants predominate in the Canary Islands(Spain), the Caribbean islands (Puerto RicoDominican Republic, and Cuba), and the circum-Caribbean area (GuatemalaCosta RicaPanama, the Caribbean coast of Colombia, and in Venezuela). They were also predominant in the Rio de la Plata region of Argentina and Uruguay and in the coastal areas of ChilePeru, and Ecuador. In Asia, Andalusians predominated in the Spanish population of the Philippines. In 2014 the South-Americas/South-Caribbean lines Queen was recognised by the Philippines lines 110 Tribal Nation Government as Bae Naganlang, Mother of the Lines.



The present-day parentage of the descendants of Queen Shebah III alongside the above-inherited lineages of Shebah III includes in immediate direct lines descendants bloodlines ancestry of Europe, the Americas / the Caribbean, the Middle-East, Asia and Africa, directly.   The family lines include from present day: the Netherlands, Germany, France, Poland, the Middle-East, the Bahamas, Jamaica, family lines relations includes Suriname, India, China, the Americas and the Caribbean (North and South) alongside the African Continent North/East and West descendants’ lines shared ancestry-related house ancestral lines, to the throne of their Mother and Grand-Mother, the Queen of Sheba.



GROUP Picture Kasambu 'Ra / House of 'Ra Family and present descendants of TT/Eurasian Ancestors: House of Shibah, House of Felix, House of Emmanuel, House of Thomas, House of George, House of Castille, House od Asere.


Left Column 1 . Small pictures: 


a/ Queen-Mother Mary VII of the South Americas Throne of Sheba of the MENA/Middle-East & Northeast-Africa House lines at functions outside the official residence of Mary VII, standing in the centre is a family related attendee. Next to her in white ceremonial-Egypt style wear, is a guest from the British Virgin island unrelated to the Royal House Family lines.


b/  Immediately thereunder, in younger years Queen-Mother MARY Janet VII and the Late King MICHAEL James II. The Parents of the Queen of Sheba.


c/ Thereunder HH Hendrik III the 1989 deceased First Husband of Shebah III and Ancestor of the present 5th and 6th generation of present grandchildren of the European lines.


d/  Next, the Late Matriarch MARY Iris II of Sierra Leone TRINIDAD 2nd generation of the 1841 MENA migrated lines via SIERRA LEONE-AFRICA. Grand-Matriarch Queen-Mother MARY Iris II is the Mother of Queen Mary VII and Maternal Grandmother of the Queen Of Sheba.


GROUP Picture

Right, Column 2. Larger pictures


e/ HH Queen-Mother Mary VII the Mother of Queen Shebah III of House of Felix dancing with Asere House Royal Family member HH King Amarkai III of Ga Nation Ghana.


f/ Bottom-left HH Grand-Matriarch Josephine II of House of Emmanuel the paternal-side grandmother of Queen Shebah III.  


g/ (Right-small top first picture) HH Grand-Patriarch ETIENNE Stephen of the House of George / Challote de Castile lines, the paternal Grandfather of the Queen of Sheba. HH Josephine Emmanuel and HH Etienne are the late Parents of HH Throne-father MICHAEL II, and Paternal Grandparents of the Queen of Sheba.


h/  Bottom right last picture: Patriarch Lionel of House of THOMAS, GREAT-Uncle of the Queen of Sheba, the younger Brother maternal side Grandfather HH Grand-Patriarch Rubeltu of the Queen of Sheba. He is the brother of the Father of HH Queen-Mother Mary Janet VII the Mother of Queen Shebah III.


The major part of the Ancestors of the Ruling South-Americas House in Trinidad is formed of Iberian Peninsula lines which include Portugal, France and a Spain in the majority Hispanic lines from Spain.  That emigrated Iberian House lines Spaniards lines to Puerto Rico and Venezuela was of migrated Eurasian MENA / Egypt / Yemeni / Phoenician / and North-Africa ancestral Family Bloodlines of House of Sheba ruling matriarch and Crown Family lines of House of Kasambu 'RA (pronounced Kas AMSU Rah traditionally or Kas amBU Rah present day).

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