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Profile -The World Peace Committee

Headquarters :

World Peace Gong Road Number 1 Jepara 59452, 

Central Java, Indonesia.                                 


The World Peace Committee is an International Community Institution declared in Basel City, Switzerland (Europe) on 7 March 1997 initiated by 9 World Leaders from the 9 Most Influential Countries on Planet Earth, led by Indonesian World Leader Mr. Djuyoto Suntani. The Vision and Mission of the World Peace Committee is "Building a New Civilization of One Earth Family with Heart". In the period 1997-1999, all Heads of Countries around the world were designated as Honorary Members of the World Peace Committee with "Member Card". The World Peace Committee is the only International Community Institution that has an International Leadership System collectively selected by Representatives of 202 States. The World Peace Committee has a "Super Strong International Network" because it is actively supported by Representatives in 202 countries around the world.


The World Peace Committee has established the International Code of Conduct: 1). WORLD ETHICS, 2). THE WORLD LANGUAGE, 3). A WAY TOGETHER WITH THE WORLD PEOPLE OF PEOPLE.


From Indonesia, the World Peace Committee gave birth to a legendary product of "World Peace Gong" which was adopted on February 5, 2003 by 179 Heads of State in Geneva, Switzerland (Europe) as "The Only Means of Brotherhood and Unifier of Mankind in Planet Earth All Time ".


"The United Nations launched the second time on 5 February 2003 in Geneva, Switzerland (Europe) together with 179 Heads of State to declare "World Peace Gong" as "The Only Soul of Fraternity and Unifier of Humanity in Planet Earth All Time". "World Peace Gong" has been installed permanently on important places of the 49 Countries. The World Peace Committee's most recent reconciliation of the conflict between the Colombian Government and the FARC rebels marks the permanent placement of "World Peace Gong" in Boyoca, Colombia (South America) on November 25, 2016, in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Bogota and the Government of Colombia


The Picture hereunder (UNIPSC- UN International Peace and Security Center-UNIPSC) is a picture of the Three Symbols of the World Peace and the President of Indonesia Striking the Peace Gong at the far right and immediate left. The Peace Statue: is the Standing Military Man, holding A Flag. ll three Symbols belongs to the World Peace Committee. Whose President is H.E Mr. Djuyoto Suntani. The World Peace Committee 202 Countries, is the owner of the World Peace Gong 202 Countries, and own the Peace Statue and the World Peace Gong (Peace Keeping Policy) both installed in the UNIPSC.


IPG: is both the WPC and the UNICJ (LOGO) The WPC own the Key World ‘Peace Keeping’’ Policy of the UN. Policy for Keeping installed inside the United Nations Indonesia Peace and Security Centre-UNIPSC, Indonesia. As the IPG logo informs it is the: International Peace Guard, CORPS DIPLOMATIC.

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World Peace Committee
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