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AACID / Near East Ancient Civilisation Nations Science Conference 2016 Dec.
AACID Vice-President

HE Amb. Emad Tareq Al-Janabi

AACID President

Arab-African Supreme Council Chairman

AACID / Federation Of Ancient Near East Civilization Nations

Science & Development  Council Conference

AACID Vice-President

Queen Shebah Kasambu 'Ra III - Queen Of Sheba

AACID Vice-President  / The Arab-African Supreme Council Vice-Chairman

The Nubia--Sheba Egypt Lines House Of Sheba Throne Queen the Head-of-State of Federation AKF & FOS and Federation Alliance-Union CROWN IHF NGOMG Head-Of-Organization.  Alongside Iraq lines Amb. to Egypt HE. Amb. Emad Tareq Al-Janabi AACID President with portfolio Arab World Nations, Queen Shebah III the North-African Arab Lines House Of Sheba Throne Royal the Queen Of Sheba is the Arab-African Nations Community AACID Vice-Chairman with portfolio African Union Nations Development Support Affairs.



Arab African Council intends to give an opportunity for commercial chamber members, companies and prominent serious businessmen to introduce the available investment opportunities in their countries, while the Council will organize meetings and interviews with Egyptian businessmen to consult with them and take advantage of the visit, it will also be organizing special meetings for each participating country with Arab and African investors for mutual benefit and discuss the possibility of joint cooperation. AACID is looking forward to increase the attendance of the leading industrial Asian Far -East countries to join and encourage industrial development and investment in our Arab-African countries.


Expanded with the Americas 35 Nations Community birth Region of the North-African / Afro-Eurasia / South-Caribbean / South-American Continent born House of Sheba descendant Throne-head, of the worlds most multi-lateral Royal Family House and Nations Community in present History.



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