ISEA 'Mobidollar' Cryptocurrency. What will it change?

African Kingdoms Head the Queen of Sheba positions the African Nations with their own global currency with ISEA

In the wake of the implementation of MOBI Dollar, You may ask what will change? The short answer is everything. Among the changes brought about by this technology are:

1. Distribution of wealth to the people based on the Earth Productivity Equivalent Value. a. Creation of Jobs and opportunities for Entrepreneurs to create solutions based on interoperability of Blockchain technology b. Elimination of poverty and end to hunger

2. Transparency in All transactions on the blockchain 3. Financial Sovereignty a. Decentralization of economic activity

How can you envision all ahead?

Think of how you are currently using your Mobile for transactions, ie remittance to loved ones, paying bills, refill phone cards etc... Well, it will be similar although not much difference from everyday transactions. With the exception that these transactions occur across our own platform using our own processing gateways, our own cryptocurrencies, and blockchain application or distributed ledger technology.

The Federation Thrones Role is based on the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between AKF represented by its NGO the Imperial House Foundation and ISEA Foundation.

Additionally on their complementary work to end poverty as well SDG 1 eradication of poverty and 2 Ending Hunger through the introduction of the official asset-backed Crypto Currency to Throne Regions and thereby provide for the financial needs of the people of the regions and financing of Throne development projects.

In furtherance of Her Majesty's PVIIP planning, Her Imperial Majesty Empress Shebah Kasambu 'Ra - Queen Shebah III of support based on ISEA Founder H.E KeonHo Kim's formula for "Earth Productivity Equivalent Value. The formula holds that earth productivity can provide for 12 billion people, more than enough to meet the world's 6 billion population current needs.

Under the terms of AKF and ISEA MOU "Survival Money" will go to those in need first, those in poverty the elderly, and the sick. These developments are actual and infrastructure are in place, being modified, or developed at this very moment. Therefore this endeavour is both timely and forward-looking. Strategically Her Majesty's efforts to bring these innovations to fruition are in line with development efforts throughout the regions and around the globe.

The Federation is focused on working with, and supporting, the Global community CSOs and NGOs to see to the implementation of needed Humanitarian and Economic Development programs, towards the Financial realisation as global unity of the SDGS 17-Goals as priority focus. The Mobi is aimed with focus to fully support and facilitate the financial needs of the Earth's global community CSOs and NGOs as collective, within the Federation ARC Community.

This with purpose to support the CSOs to lead and to see achieve the SDGS 17 Goals within their respective regions, as an integral part of priority focus within the UN SDGS 17-Goals Guidelines. Alongside the PVIIP-Project VII Phoenix Trans-African Nation Urban and Rural Regions Development Agenda in preparation since pre-2000 by the South Throne Queen, for all of the Federation Kingdom Nations regions for activation with the respective Community.

The Queen's PVIIP agenda is support by the throne bloodlines ETAMENAA related Africa-Eurasia community. Which includes Middle-East/Asia-MENA: Arab Nations Arab-African Council for Integration & Development, and Federation of the South World community.

An agenda totally, in line with the 2030 United Nations SDGS 17-Goals, with its special emphasis CSOs and NGOs direct support.

Thus potentially removing a great part of the burden on the many struggling Nations Governments to combat poverty, and a supporting arm in implementation of austerity measures globally to reshape global economics to facilitate the 17 Goals strategic infrastructural needs, by the focus on seeing to the people themselves direct transition support needs, within the process.

Specifically, here are some of the benefit and change these innovations bring:

  1. Not dependent on any government

  2. Not dependent on creditworthiness (debt) of any state

  3. Value is guaranteed

  4. decentralized

  5. Efficiency is not dependent on traditional infrastructures and can be accomplished via mobile or internet connectivity

  6. Not dependent on banks

  7. Access to capital for all as it generates money automatically, there

In so far as Digital Wallets go, Mobi is Global. With MOBI Dollar as with other Crypto-currencies, users of MOBI will have "Digital Wallets", only they will own their wallet, not the banks. Wallets can be both digital wallets like App, Program or Hardware Wallet like a flash drive you can carry with you. Also, their are corporations working on interoperability of traditional payment processing portals and the like.

Additionally, interoperability with existing fintech infrastructures is an area for entrepreneurship and innovation. Knowledge of the Block Chain technology is widely available online and can be accessed free of charge.

Through research one can see the potential of MOBI Dollar for development of Africa and implementation of Her Majesty's Global platform. Mobi Dollar Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is scheduled forJune 2018 date to be determined.

Please be sure to read our blog for latest news on AKF strategic partnerships and ICT development agenda. Bithub Africa, Bitland, and SA Bankymoon are a few efforts underway on the continent.

Report Edited and updated: CPC Sir Taft T. Pettiford

External Related Links on the growing Digital advancement in Africa:

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