Notification: Office Of The Queen Of Sheba. Ceremonial Functions on Hold until Post-Pandemic!


The CIO-Crown Imperial Office of the Queen Of Sheba, the Empress of the African Continent Nubia-Sheba Kingdoms, hereby inform that all Crown Appointments of non-royals elevation function: Coronations, Installations and Royal Investitures has been postponed until after the COVID 19 Pandemic. All ZOOM ceremonial functions for Throne appointments has been cancelled, without exception. Do note, no one has been appointed above the Kingdoms of Africa. All appointments and investitures are in service to the Kingdoms and Nations within the region or nation of the appointment, never above. With priority focus and purpose PVIIP-Project VII Phoenix and under the Imperial Throne respective Office of leadership for such.

No one has been appointed to cover Africa as second in command to the throne, that is not possible. Though 55 officials will be appointed for each Africa Nation, we have just started with the first within East Africa for that region. However that, and all functions have been placed on hold in order that all Kingdoms and stakeholders can attend and be witness to the proceedings and protocols in royal accordance of such, to avoid any confusion.

As such nominations ceremonial functions must be done in accordance to royal protocols and all present in Her Imperial Majesty's presence. The potential via ZOOM has been retracted. This to avoid any further misinterpretations of nominations postings, of purpose, and of the laws and traditions of the Throne. All appointment nominations for elevation ceremony are thus by Crown Decree as of this time effectively on hold, until after review, after the global Pandemic and return to normal life.

CIO Internal Affairs